Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I Did: Back, Triceps and Legs

I tried a couple new dance videos. Lets just say I'm glad no one was around to watch me. It would have won for AFV and that's without puppies or small children. Here's the threeI tried for my warm up. The last one would be good as a cool down! The first one was much more...hilarious.

Warm up: (try something that challenges your brain for a warm up!)
Now for the Workout!: (used the total gym, bands, a chair and a 10lb weight) 2x12-15 reps
- Seated Row & kneeling Lat Pull down with bands with 30 seconds of mountain climbers
- Arm pullover with crunch & Upright Row with 30 seconds of jumping jacks
- 1 Legged Deadlifts with 10lb & Seated Quad extension using resistance band with 30 seconds of slow burpees
- Calf raises & Alternating lunges with no break in between
- Skull Crusher tricep ext & Kneeling Tricep kick backs with 30 seconds of prisoner squats
- Surfer pulls with 30 seconds of rest

Total Time: (warm up videos took about 7-10 min) 34 minute workout + warm up and cool down 40-50min total (Less goofing around next time!)
HR: 150-170 throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: was getting moist and hot so I turned the fan on
Burn'o'Metre: feeling it in those hamstrings for those dead lifts and the triceps at the end
I knew I saved that shirt for a reason!
Preggo workouts!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

What I Did: Over Christmas Holidays

Well even though there was no power and I couldn't post I DID workout. No I am not so hard core that I did it in the dark with candles or even outside on all that slippery ice...I am just blessed to have a mother in law with a condo that has a pool and weight room. So I did a swimming workout and a weights/cardio workout for 30 min each (aka that's 2 this week!). And here's my third (after cleaning up the kitchen from all the Christmas dishes and spoiled food in the fridge boo!).

Warm up and cool down included in the video!
Total Time: 37 min 10 sec
HR: 150-170 throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: my face got hot and red for sure
Burn'o'Metre: only when my shoulders started burning with those toe touches did I remember doing this one before...ooooh yeaah the shoulder burn.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

What I Did: Shoulders, Chest & Lower Body Breaks

I won't lie, my goal was 3x this week and it's Saturday and this is only number 2. No excuse this week but it is a little tough getting back into the routine after so long of "slacking" aka being sick and tired. But here's today's workout;

Warm up: 3 min of danciiiing yeahhhh a little cardio aerobics dance (find any video you like and use it as your warm up, good for the brain learning choreography!)

Workout: Using the Total gym doing 2 sets of 12-15 of each
Lat Pulls (oops was supposed to be a pushing exercise but I messed this one up) + Chest flyes with 30 seconds of narrow squats
Chest press + Front Deltoid raises with 30 seconds of sumo squats
Lateral Deltoid raises + Rear Deltoid raises with 30 seconds of plie squats
Seated bicep curls + Laying down bicep curls with 30 seconds of wide to narrow squat hops
1 minute plank
30 seconds of supported knee tucks (seated leaning back with hands behind bum)
30 seconds of side plank each side
1 minute bicycle

Total Time: Warm up 3 min, workout 27:31 = 30:31 minutes!
HR: 160-170
Sweat'o'Metre: not really sweaty, I kept the fan on high today
Burn'o'Metre: oh yes, with every pair it burned the same muscles twice. Gotta love it. Especially those biceps at the end!

oh yeah check out the pump on I've got going in those
shoulders! haha!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What I Did: Great Cardio Video for Beginners or Preggos!

I had to get a workout in this week before Wednesday. Never a good idea for me to cram them all in at the end of the week so voila I found this video. Warm up and cool down included! It's NOT a pregnancy workout nor does it say for beginners but I found the exercises were very simple and slow enough to not feel like "you suck". She does active rest between each exercise but feel free to just rest if you need to and grab some water.
Total Time: 35 minutes of work (including warm up and cool down)
HR: 150-180
Sweat'o'Metre: as embarrassing as it is not to photo shop OUT my sweaty pits I left them in as a better gage ;)
Burn'o'Metre: not a big burn for either my CV or muscular system but I didn't want to push too hard though 180 bpm is not bad eh?
Can you believe I'm practically 5 months pregnant? I can't!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

What I Did: Back 2 Back Circuits

Today it is supposed to snow a lot. YAY. I love snow (no sarcasm). But I'm still waiting for this supposed snow storm...probably hit everywhere but here as usual. Anyhow it's cold so I stayed inside (as will be many if not all of my winter workouts). I did this circuit I found on pinterest, warm up included;

Warm up: Do all for 1 minute
High Knees Jog
Jumping Jacks
Jog on the spot
Jump rope
Power Skip on the spot

Workout: The workout says 3x through and normally I would but 2x seems like a good start back into things for this (almost not sick any more) preggo.
Complete each circuit 2x(or 3) then move onto the next;
C1: 20 Squats + 15 Jump Squats + 10 Burpees
C2: 20 Mountain Climbers (ea) + 15 Push ups + 10 1 Legged Bridges
C3: 20 Alternating Lunges + 15 Plie Squats + 10 Calf Raises (ea)

Complete the following core exercises for 1 minute each;
Russian twists with leg raise
Elbow Plank
Bicycle Crunch
Superman (I did it on all fours instead of on my tummy)

Total Time: 5 min warm up + 21:13 min workout = 26:13minutes
HR: From 140 - 180 depending on the circuit
Sweat'o'Metre: even with the fan on I actually got a little dribble down my face near the ned
Burn'o'Metre: wow do I ever feel heavy doing push ups now, yikes! And the plie squats burned also during the bicycle crunch I had to take 2 quick breaks wowzahs.
haha I look like I'm trying to be sultry but that is just my tired
look after the core section. Glad I did something. Glad it's over.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What I Did: Total Body Gym + Leg Extensions for a 1st!

Workout #2 of being sick and I finally had a good sleep last night! I think I'm on the end of this praise the Lord. Felt good today though had to take a couple breaks after taking my pulse (a little too high!).

Warm up: Some good old Mandisa dance crew video;
Workout: 2x of 15 reps for all (except the lunges I only did 12 ea side)
- Seated cable row + Lat band pull (on all fours with opposite leg extended behind) with 30 seconds of lateral hops in between each set.
- Overhead cable pull and crunch + Upright/high cable pull with 30 seconds of climbing plank
- Squat with 10lb weight + Leg extensions with band resistance (see photo) with 30 seconds of ball roll outs
- Lunge and twist with 10lb wt (only for first set then 2nd set I used the exercise ball) + calf raise with 30 seconds of jumping jacks (only the first time, had to rest after the second set)
- Tricep extension and Tricep kickbacks with 30 seconds of sumo squat marching
- Surfer cable pull with 30 seconds of Russian twists with the exercise ball

Total Time: approx 3 min warm up + 35min workout = 38 minutes total
HR: throughout it varied from 150-180
Sweat'o'Metre: I kept a fan on me to keep cool so I didn't sweat too much
Burn'o'Metre: loving the back to back same muscle group burn. Felt it in the leg ext as I hadn't tried those at home before 
A bit of a vanity shot. I like my legs. But
they looked even more awesome mid workout
doing these extensions hehe...gotta
love the pump!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What I Did: 3 Preggo Video Combo

I'm still recovering from a sinus infection which thank the Lord there are pregnancy safe antibiotics for. I am feeling mostly better other than a cough so I thought I'd try a low key workout today. I combined 3 short pregnancy videos from Tiffany Rothe. I used the first one as sort of a warm up but it is still quite the burn (if you haven't worked out in 2 weeks like moi).

Total Time: just a bit over 30 min
HR: after the 3rd video it was around 140 so nothing crazy
Sweat'o'Metre: my pits were getting slappy haha ew gross I know but I don't know how else to describe it
Burn'o'Metre: the shoulders and biceps in that sculpting one holy moly I used a 1kg honey jar and almost same weight diced tomato can (cause I don't have little weights) and it did the job let me tell you!!!
AAAAAND voila finally a photo and one showing a little baby plump too ;)

Monday, December 2, 2013

What I Did: the Sick & Preggo Jog

I call it the preggo jog cause all sorts of interesting places were pulling and tugging. Gosh. Not so fun. BUT I'm glad I did it for the sake of this cold I have, it cleared me up a little bit.
Warm up: started at a slow pace and eased into it...
Approx 9:30 min jog to the lake
3x 20 bench push ups and 12 lunges each side
10 min jog back home

Total Time: about 25-30 min my husband had the watch and didn't time me cause ya...he whooped my butt home.
HR: oops uh too fast. I didn't take it but I could tell it was too high
Sweat'o'Metre: baby it's cold outside, not so sweaty though my bangs under my hat got squashed with  moisture
Burn'o'Metre: even with elevated upper body push ups it was starting to burn. These pecs ain't what they used to be and are carrying a heavier load these days

No photo, though I did think about starting to show off the little belly I'm accumulating (hopefully baby and not munchies!) but I didn't. Maybe in workouts to come.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I Did: Kickboxing & Weights; Shoulders and Legs

I was determined to get one in today as I will be super busy with work and weddings from tomorrow til Friday. Here's what I did;

Warm up/Cardio portion of workout: I liked this workout a lot actually. It's only one round but I bet it'd be killer if you just played it again 2-3 more times! That'd be 30-40 min of kickin' and punchin' glory. Here is is
Workout: 2x12 of each (all cable machine) paired with a leg exercise
Chest fly & Seated Chest press with 30 seconds of sumo squat pulses
Front deltoid raise & Lateral Shoulder raise with 30 seconds of full squats
Rear deltoid flyes & Seated bicep curls with 30 seconds of alternating lunges
Laying flay bicep curls & Resisted crunches with 30 seconds of calf raises

Total Time: Video 11:20 + Weights 18 min = 29:20min (lets just say an even 30)
HR: at the end it was pretty low, 130-140 but I know earlier on it was probably in the 150's at least
Sweat'o'Metre: got pretty warm doing the video not super sweaty by the end though
Burn'o'Metre: felt it with those back to back shoulder exercises!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What I Did: Weights, Core & Cardio

I won't lie, I was in my pj's til 12 before I decided maybe it's time to do something productive...like a workout to get me going. It always works :)

Warm up:
1 min (rope-less) skipping
1 min jumping jacks
30 seconds high knees
20 dips on a chair
30 seconds butt kickers
25 squats

Workout: 2 sets of each pair + core/cardio move
2x15 reps of seated row and "lat pull downs" (I did a modified version on my hands and knees since I can lie on my belly any more) with 40 seconds of rope-less skipping
2x15 reps of over head pull with crunch and seated high row with 40 seconds of mountain climbers
2x20 squats with 10lb weight and 15 ea body weight calf raises with 40 seconds of climbing plank
2x15 ea alternating lunges and 20 sumo squats (first 10 with a 10lb weight ea set) with 20sec ea side bridge raises
2x15 skull crushers and tricep kick/pull backs with 40 seconds of lateral ski hops
2x15 surfer pulls with 30 seconds of squat jumps

Total Time: 42:40 including the warm up
HR: 160-170 throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: I got warm for sure, had a fan to prevent over heating definitely moistened my headband and...pits. heh...ya.
Burn'o'Metre: whole body tiredness by the end, had to push for sure on those squat jumps oh and the double tricep burn at the end gosh...
yay and our Christmas tree is up! Tis the season :) 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I Did: Back to the Blender!

I haven't done a fitness blender workout in a while and because my husband wanted to workout I thought I'd spare him the pregnancy workout videos ;) Here's what we did
Warm up: In the video (also cool down)
Total Time:Just under 37 minutes
HR: 150-160
Sweat'o'Metre: got those bangs stuck to my forehead!
Burn'o'Metre: mountain climbers and my shoulders are not friends any more haha!
No photo...just out of laziness and well it looks like the last one just frizzier :P

Monday, November 11, 2013

What I Did: Tried a Pregnancy Workout Video ack!

I finally found a pregnancy workout video that didn't make you want to run screaming! Tiffany Rothe is my girl! She's apparently got a Pretty Positive Pregnancy series but I just tried this one today and did it twice. I tried out another longer video but could only take about 10 min of the less than mediocre workout and more than excessive amounts of cheese so I switched back to Tiff for a 2nd round. I am going to check out her other videos another day!
Warm up: all in the video
Total Time: 24 min (I did it twice) not counting the other 10 min of crappy video I tried out, it was more of a sad warm up.
HR: 150 after Tiff's video! Not super high but check out the next category
Sweat'o'Metre: I've got a couple, no a few drops dripping down my face right now! I am surprised.
Burn'o'Metre: I am weird but just holding my arms out made my shoulders burn. And I've got a significant amount of muscle there too. Anyhow she really focuses on the butt. I love her.
I would give 2 thumbs up but I had to hold the camera!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What I Did: HIIT Full Body Circuit (indoor or outdoor)

I'm tired. Here's what I did. It was good.

Warm up: 3 min of 
Jog on the spot
Front kicks with a pull down
Lateral Steps with pull back
Jumping Jacks

Workout: Got this on pinterest...made some mods for inside though
I did this as is (minus the sprints at the end) for the first round then for the last 2 rounds I did it with high knees jogging on the spot instead of burpees. I used bands for all the "equipment" required and for the renegade rows I just did a deep squat and did a regular row with the bands around a pole.

Total Time: 3 min warm up with 28 min workout = just over half an hour (please stretch after too though, not included)
HR: pretty much 160 the whole time
Sweat'o'Metre: due to being blown out by the flash you can't see the sweat but it was dripping off my bangs on my face all through the last 2 rounds
Burn'o'Metre: all the back to back same muscle groupings were great for a good burn!

my biceps aren't much to look at but I like them, this one was
a good shoulder burn too!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I Did: A Little Out a Little In

Today was one of those fall-almost-winter days at least by the calendar but was so sunny and not bitter windy cold I just had to get outside for some vitamin D! So I went for an hour walk this morning (which everyone prescribes for preggos so it couldn't hurt!) and got my heart rate up near the 140's enjoying the fresh air. Then I did this workout this afternoon;

Warm up (included in video)
Workout: Pretty low impact, cardio and muscle endurance
Total Time: 23:29min but I did the stretches at the end twice so it took me to about 26:30
HR: pretty low at 140 or so, not much of a "cardio" workout near the end should have taken it at the half way point!
Sweat'o'Metre: meh, a little moist
Burn'o'Metre: if there's anything I can say for Fitness Blender they sure know how to inflict a good burn! Those lunge pulses were killin me!
I'm a little confused...couldn't figure out if I loved the burn
or hated it. ;)

Monday, November 4, 2013

What I Did: Back to Body Weight

Well there sure has been a lull in my postings here. I've only been managing about 3 workouts a week for the past month or two but I am satisfied with that as there are all sorts of new developings in this body of mine. That said here's what I did with my husband today;

Warm up: 1ce around a jr. soccer field, 25 jumping jacks, 30 seconds high knees, 30 seconds butt kickers, 20 squats

Band sprints (my husband did with the band, I just did regular sprints) the length of the field about 8 times (however we ended up doing 16 since we each had a turn).
Then 3x of the following;
20 push ups
30 second plank
20 squats
30 walking lunges
Cool down: jog home (about 1-2 min) with stretches

Total Time: 33 min
HR: 170
Sweat'o'Metre: it's too cold for sweating! Even after I got inside I wasn't super sweaty
Burn'o'Metre: my jog home was like molasses and the lunges required some pushing, speaking of pushing those push ups are getting harder (but I don't mind since I've got more to push up these days ;)

Monday, October 28, 2013

What I Did: Living Room Cardio & Weights

Brrr it's getting cold outside and I'm not as hard core as I once was. But heck who need hard core in the cold when you can be hard core in your living room? Right? Anyhow here's what I did.

Warm up: a little cardio dance warm up about 3 minutes

Workout: On my total gym I did 12-15 reps, each pair of exercises with cardio move x3
Shoulder press & Chest fly with 1 min of jumping jacks/squat jacks
Chest press & Anterior Shoulder raise with 1 min of lunges (forward and reverse)
Lateral Shoulder raise & Rear deltoid fly with 45 seconds mountain climbers
Bicep curls & another version of bicep curls with 1 min skaters (only 2 rounds of this, why so many bicep curls? do I want to be Arnold or something? sheesh.)

Total Time: 3 min warm up + 36:15 workout = 39:15 
HR: 160-170
Sweat'o'Metre: you can see my lovely sweaty bangs I actually attempted to make look decent...fail.
Burn'o'Metre: mountain climbers were burning those shoulders let me tell you! Also a good and appropriate burn at the end of each weight exercise as necessary to see any progress!
in this photo bangs look horrible. I will have to figure out an
appropriate workout "look" to deal with this...
gah. fashion-shmashion

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What I Did: Slow is better than No Show

Today's workout had some running in it. Mostly because if I did sprints I'd have to get my feet wet in the grass and it was freakin cold this morning!

Warm up: my 1 mile run was basically warm up because it was SOOO SLOOOWWWW gosh. like an 8 min mile I was getting closer to 6:45 last time. Oh well. Speed has decreased.

Workout: Pretty sure I did it 3 times I kinda wasn't paying attention it was at least 3, if not 4
20 push ups
20 sit ups (I skimped today I know)
20 squats
30 walking lunges (total)

Total Time: including walking back and stretches about 30 min
HR: 170
Sweat'o'Metre: not a drop due to the frigid wind!
Burn'o'Metre: not going to lie...my respiratory capacity has definitely gone down but it wasn't too much burn, but noticeable is all :(
Here I am glad to have worked out even if it wasn't the best in a while...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

What I Did: Death by Dice

Looking for a fun way to kick your own butt? I did this one with my bootcamp today;
Warm up:
2x up and down the big hill (about 4 min of jogging), 2x of 10 squats and 25 jumping jacks

Workout: You will need 2 dice and a stop watch
I had numbers 1-12 with a different exercise for each number, then I rolled the dice and we did whatever exercise that was and rolled again and did that number for either reps or seconds (usually x10 for seconds, or 5 if it was too long) Here are some examples
1. Burpees (you would have to roll just one dice for this one)
2. Jump Squats
3. Push ups
4. Climbing plank
5. Jumping jacks
6. Quick feet
7. Dips
8. Lunges
9. Assissted knee tucks (like a sit up but you're feet don't touch the ground and you bring your knees to your chest)
10. Long Jumps
11. Sea Turtles (back extension/super man type thing)
12. Hill Sprint

I can't tell you exactly what the dice rolled us but it was a good one! After the last dice roll I made them do a hill sprint as fast as they could. Of course they loved me for it.
We did the workout for about 40 min, warm up 10min, stretching and cool down 10min
Total Time: 1hour 
HR: didn't check but I think it was probably 160's
Sweat'o'Metre: though it was cold we got a good sweat going
Burn'o'Metre: especially when we had the same exercise in a row!
No photo :( Don't normally bring my camera to bootcamp, but I'll have to get permission and do a group shot some time!

Friday, October 18, 2013

What I Did: Sunset Workout

You know those days when you really really don't want to work out cause you feel like crap? I'm telling you those are the days when your crap really really needs you to work out! Every time I have either been tired, groggy (aka lazy), headache-y or crappy in some other shape or form and have had the "forced workout" I feel 110% better ever. single. time. No fail. That was me today. I'm so glad I took it outside because it was a beautiful sunset, cool weather (but not cold and that's at 6pm in October!) and just some great fresh air. Here's what I did;

Warm up: 2x through of 
10 chin ups (ok I only did 10 jumping up the first round and did the 2nd round hanging rows)
10 squats
10 hanging sit ups
10 bench dips
10 reverse leg raises (aka back extensions but using leg weight instead of upper body)
10 sec each leg Samson stretch

Workout: 5 rounds of
10 bench jumps
10 push ups
10 squats
10 sit ups
10 burpees

Total Time: 23:07 (about 5 of that being the warm up)
HR: end time 170-180
Sweat'o'Metre: feeling moist, kept my zip up on but it did get pretty warm!
Burn'o'Metre: push ups near the last 2 rounds and burpees, well no burn but definitely had to push myself to keep up the pace
This little friend joined me again today

Friday, October 11, 2013

What I Did: Weight Circuit with CV&Core Breaks

Here's today's workout;
Warm up: umm yah I'm a cheesy dance video junkie danced along to my favorite Mandisa "Good Morning" dance crew video on you tube...I think I've posted it enough here you all know where it is.

Workout: On my total gym...
3x of 15 seated row then 12 lat pull downs, 30 seconds climbing plank x3 in between sets
3x of 15 pullovers with a crunch then 15 high rows, 30 seconds lateral jumps with squat in the middle
3x of 30 alternating lunges then 12 calf raises, 30 seconds mountain climbers
3x of skull crushers then 8-10 tricep kick backs, 30 second knee tucks in a plank postition with feet on a ball
3x surfer pulls, 30 seconds of jumping jacks

Total Time: approx 3 min warm up + 33:30 min = 36:30
HR: 150 at the end
Sweat'o'Metre: keepin' it cool with a fan, not super sweaty
Burn'o'Metre: those double triceps with the plank at the end were BURRRNNNEEEEE!
my trusty total gym, ball and that closet has all our workout
stuff cleverly disguised right in our living room heh heh!

Monday, October 7, 2013

What I Did: Increasing the Same Old

My regular outdoor routine...and no I don't see myself changing it any time soon. It's doing what I need it to for now and I have my other workouts for variety. However I did increase some of the reps...ok just the squats.
Warm up: 5 min of...
Jogging around the soccer field and 25 regular jacks and 25 clap jacks

7min30 sec of; run one length of the soccer field and do 10 jumping jacks. The last two lengths I didn't do jumping jacks though, just to make it to an even 7:30.
Then 4 rounds of:
20 push ups
30 crunches
20 squats
30 walking lunges (total)

Total Time: 21:57 + 5 min warm up (and a few min cool down not included) = 26:57
HR: from 150-170 throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: thankful for the glorious fall wind but the warm sunshine, moist but not sweaty
Burn'o'Metre: push ups getting easier but still had to take a break or two on the last 2 rounds
Here's me in my bday gift zip up and head band :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

What I Did: Charity Bike Ride

Embedded image permalink

Today I did a 25km bike ride for Ride 4 Refuge. We raised money to go towards the Northern Philippines for proper water systems, education, computer literacy for jobs, agriculture education and much more.
It was a great turn out in my location (there were a few other locations doing the same thing today) just our location alone was 300 riders!
Anyhow it wasn't a race but it was fun and still 25km (at least my butt feels it!). Here's a photo of my team at the end. We finished at a comfortable pace in 1 hour and 30 min.
Oh also we raised 129% of our our goal!!! We aimed for 50,000 and reached 64,547!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I Did: Upper Body and a Big Bun

Dirty hair day today...but perfectly fixed with a massive high bun...and it stays well for working out too apparently! Sturdy and stylin...that's kinda me in a nutshell (haha ok at least the sturdy part!).
Here's my upper body workout and my pipes that are nothing to really brag about but they do me good ;)

Warm up: eh..like 2 minutes of jumping jacks, clap jacks and arm circles

Workout: 3 times through the circuit, no breaks...oh well except for commercials.
I did most of these exercises with some sort of modification like...
Sea Turtles on the floor instead of pull ups
Regular push ups after getting tired from one legged push ups
Low squat position band pull
stuff like that...
Total Time: 22 min
HR: between 130-150 throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: surprising in just 20 min of only upper body I got a little gleam on
Burn'o'Metre: the triceps are burnin' baby!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

What I Did: Post Bootcamp Burn

I ran the first session of my 2nd bootcamp today.  It depends what the workout is, sometimes I lead it in front of everyone doing it with them other times, like today, I just run around showing people how to do things, alternatives, encouraging, pushing and so I don't get to do the actual workout. So after that I decided to do my own thing this afternoon;

Warm up: 2 lengths of a soccer field + 25 jumping jacks 2ce through = 3min

40 squats, 20 mountain climbers, 2 lengths of the soccer field (jog/run)
30 walking lunges, 20 mountain climbers, 2 lengths of the soccer field
20 Burpee long jumps, 20 mountain climbers, 2 lengths of the soccer field
40 knee tucks (mini V sit), 20 mountain climbers, 2 lengths of the soccer field
30 1 legged long jumps (15 ea leg), 20 mountain climbers, 2 lengths of the soccer field
20 Side bridges each, 20 mountain climbers, 2 lengths of the soccer field
25 push ups, 20 mountain climbers, 2 lengths of the soccer field

Total Time: 17 min + 3 min warm up = 20 min
HR: 175-180
Sweat'o'Metre: thank goodness for the cool breeze but I was still sweaty enough to want to get home to shower
Burn'o'Metre: Those burpee long jumps, first time doing them, tough but I like them!
this was after walking home and I'm still glistening so it was
a decent sweat I guess!

Friday, September 27, 2013

What I Did: Weights Day - Shoulder Burn

Today was weights. I look forward to Fridays, (yes I only do/use weights once a week...I figure body weight counts the rest of the time) it's a nice change of pace and use of my muscles. Even though I push it's not as hard as it is to move your entire body. Anyhow I do the typical total gym workout that comes in the package but I use the rest breaks to do either cardio or core. Today was core.

Warm up:Twice through my favorite "dance" video Mandisa's Good Morning. I have to admit though it's fun to do I don't dare do it with my husband around...it would be a mock session like no other haha!

Workout: 2-3 sets of 10-15 depending on the exercise
Shoulder Press & Chest Flyes with 30 seconds of straight leg toe touches (crunches with feet in the air)
Chest Press & Front Deltoid Raise with 30 seconds of leg raises
Lateral Flyes & Rear Deltoid flyes with 30 seconds of plank slaps (KILLER on the shoulders)
Double bicep curls (as in two different bicep exercises...don't know why they have it like that) and 30 seconds of bicycles

Total Time: Approx 20 min workout with 7 min warm up aka 27 min
HR: mostly 140-150 nothing too intense today
Sweat'o'Metre: had a fan blowing on me, didn't sweat much at all except near the end
Burn'o'Metre: shoulder buuuurrrrrrrnnnnn especially with those flyes and plank slaps put together


Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I Did: Cardio Video

Can't get enough of those Fitness Blender videos, especially when I'm sitting in my workout gear with my head on the table cause I don't want to plan my own workout.  Just cause I exercise the body doesn't mean I have to use my own brain all the time haha! Praise the Lord for the internet :)
So here's the video that had a warm up and cool down. Talk about taking the mental work out of it!
Total Time: 37 minutes (warm up and cool down in there too) workout is about 30 min
HR: 150 at the end, though I took it mid workout at around 170
Sweat'o'Metre: oh yeah baby all over my workout mat! Add extra umph (bounce, kicks etc) to pump it up
Burn'o'Metre: So weird, in my shoulders for those toe touches at the end after the plank slaps, oh how I love plank slaps :)...no for realz.
gosh I always forget to fix my crazy workout eyebrows...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I Did: Take it Outside

So what if you have a workout you could easily do inside, if it doesn't use much equipment take it outside for as many of these sunny days as possible! Here's what I did (as well as enjoying the changing colour of the leaves)

Warm up: walked to the park about 2 min...not super awesome but whatever right...

Workout: 4 Rounds of
1 min skipping
30 second mountain climbers
1 min jumping jacks
20 push ups
30 crunches
20 squats
30 lunges (total)

Total Time: 2 min walk + 24.50 min workout = 26:50 min oh and 2 min home (28:50)
HR: 180
Sweat'o'Metre: for a breezy cool afternoon I still got sweaty, fogged up my sunglasses too
Burn'o'Metre: push ups on the last round, feelin the lunges too but still keeping a good pace

Friday, September 20, 2013

What I Did: Small Circuit in Sept Humidity

Wow this weather is nutzo! Super warm then super cold then super humid..what is going on? Anyhow I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and do this mini circuit outside. My run time was longer as there was construction on my route so I had to detour a bit...excuses excuses ;)
Warm up: 50 jumping jacks (not much of a warm up I know)

Workout: 1 mile jog (8:53)
3x the following
20 push ups
30 crunches
15 squats (raised arms)
15 lunges each leg

Total Time: 19 minutes
HR: 180
Sweat'o'Metre: one thing I like about the heat is it gets me sweating a lot more!
Burn'o'Metre: ok ok I didn't really push hard today nothing burning, but the push ups are getting easier which I'm happy to report! Getting back in the habit feels awesome.
why yes I had a fancy bun and make up on during my
workout. haha doing it girly style today!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I Did: A Little Low A Little High

Today to be honest I thought I would kill two birds with one stone...so I vacuumed my apartment as my warm up hehe!
Then I did this;

The cardio portion was pretty low intensity but it was fun and got me sweating a bit...see my last post dance video to Mandisa's Good Morning :)
Then I did 4 rounds of the following for some high intensity;
20 push ups
30 crunches
15 squats
30 walking lunges

Total Time: not including the vacuuming ;) 18:20 
HR: 160
Sweat'o'Metre: got me some drops
Burn'o'Metre: push ups as per usual but happy to say those lunges get easier every day! :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

What I Did: Low Impact Recovery Cardio

This video is good for those sore days that you're supposed to either rest or do some cardio but reeeeally don't wanna...it only takes 20 min (but you should include this awesome warm up video and do it twice it's so fun haha!)

Warm up: I dare you not to laugh while doing this
Workout: And the workout video via Fitness Blender...add a little umph to some of these for a little extra sweat while still keeping it low impact

Total Time: 6 min warm up (video 2ce) plus 20 min workout video = 26 min
HR: I took it half way and was at 160, then at the end it was around 180...heck I was surprised. 
Sweat'o'Metre: Since I stayed in I was already warm so yay little beads of sweat I love you!
Burn'o'Metre: my arms were sore from the last workout so the plank had my shoulders burning a bit...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What I Did: Weight's & CV inside

I know I wasted a glorious day doing my workout inside but I'd already planned to use my Total Gym. Maybe I'll go for a walk with my camera this afternoon to catch some sunlight.

Warm up: you better believe I did about 5 or 6 minutes of aerobics-style free dancing in my living room to Move by Mercy Me and Good Morning by Mandisa (with a hilarious attempt to follow this video) It was a fun warm up.

Workout: 2 sets of 15 reps each (in sets of two with a cardio move in between the 2 sets)
Seated row & Lat pull down with 30 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Cable pull over with crunch & Seated High Row with 30 seconds of Squat Jumps
Lunge with 10lb twist and raise & Inner Thigh (no cardio move)
1 Leg Hip Raise with 10lb & Calf Raise with 10lb, with 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks
Skull Crushers & Bent over Tricep Extension with Skaters (big arm swing)
Surfer pull with Quick Feet

Total Time: approx 5 min warm up + 30 min workout = 35 min
HR: 180
Sweat'o'Metre: it sure was getting warm in here despite a fan and open windows though I wasn't dripping
Burn'o'Metre: the calves and triceps for sure (oh and those darn squat jumps!)

Friday, September 13, 2013

What I Did: Warming Up The Cold Weather

Today I convinced a friend to workout with me...mostly so that I wouldn't skip or slack on my workout. Even though it was a short one today it was still a good one! Just the basics baby, they're always a good default!

Warm up: quick walk to the park (3 min) and once around the soccer field (2 min)

Workout: 5 minutes of running lengths of the soccer field and at each end of the field do 10 jumping jacks
Then 4 rounds of the following;
20 push ups
30 crunches
15 squats (should do more of these like 25 next time)
30 walking lunges (total)

Total Time: 21 minutes (including 5 min warm up)
HR: ya forgot to take it, I'm guessing around 160-170 as per usual
Sweat'o'Metre: thanking the cool breeze and cloudy skies sure made it easier but I didn't sweat as much
Burn'o'Metre: the push ups and lunges get me every time

Aw no photo, forgot to ask my friend (though most normal people shy away from post workout photos anyways I'm not sure I could have convinced her). So here's a funny "cold weather" photo to enjoy!

Monday, September 9, 2013

What I Did: I was "furry" tired today...

Was super tired today...note to self, these "I don't want to workout" days usually happen when I have not worked out by the time 4pm has rolled around, so how about not putting it off so late and everyone will be happy? Ok. tomorrow, workout will be done before 2pm!

Warm up: 3 min
1 min jumping jacks
20 standing knee hugs
10 jump squats
10 leg swings each leg
10 arm circles ea/both directions

Workout: 3 times through (on other days before 4pm I think I'd do it 4-5x)
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Crunches
20 Bench dips
15 Squats (next time change to jump squats)
20 Lunges (total, so for a challenge up the reps for sure!)
40 Russian twists
20 Bench hops
10 Push ups
30 sec plank
10 Jump Lunges

Total Time: 16:55 + warm up = just under 20 min
HR: 170
Sweat'o'Metre: it was cool, but I won't lie, this wasn't a big challenge (except the getting out the door part)
Burn'o'Metre: hm...had left over upper body soreness so the upper body was a little tougher but nothing major. 
Also I had a visitor...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What I Did: HIIT without Burpees

Here's the video I forced myself to do on this lazy rainy Saturday...woo sweaty! Feel free to pick up the pace/add some bounce to some of these. I like how it's not all the same format too.
Total Time: Including my own warm up and not including their cool down it took 30:25 (add about 5 min for cool down)
HR: approx 170
Sweat'o'Metre: very. tucked a towel behind my knees while I write this, yech so slimy!
Burn'o'Metre: cardio burn for sure if you push hard enough, oh and the jump lunges woo!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What I Did: All You Need is a Soccer Field

I felt like doing a bit more running today...not because I like sprints or feeling winded but I felt my legs needed a stretch. Here's what I did at the local soccer pitch.

Warm up: about 5 minutes of high knees, butt kickers, jumping jacks, knee hugs etc

Workout: 3x of the following
Fast pace run of 6 lengths of the soccer field, I think mine was approx 80m (=480m total)
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Crunches
20 Push ups
30 Jump Squats
1 min plank

Total Time: 20 min + 5 min warm up
HR: 180
Sweat'o'Metre: well right after/during, not much but as I type this I am blinded my the glistening sweat on my forearms...yes, on my forearms. So this was sweaty in the after burn
Burn'o'Metre: I could have pushed harder in the run, but it was burning as it was. Hmm...not much else burned a lot, the last plank a little bit

What I Did: Fire Prep Workout Week 1

No I'm not training to be a fire fighter but my husband is and he was given a progressive workout before practical training starts so here's what we did yesterday, a modified version;

Warm up: 3x10
Sit ups
Samson Stretch

25 Jumping Jacks
1 mile run for time (mine was 7:15 -approx)
(do the following 3 times through)
25 Push ups
15 Squats
25 Sit ups
15 Lunges each leg

Total Time: Just less than 20 minutes plus 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down
HR: 180
Sweat'o'Metre: Not too sweaty by the end, though after the run it was a little sweaty
Burn'o'Metre: the mile for time is always tough, the push ups killed me by the 3rd round.
Here's me with my new birthday headband :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I Did: Girl Time at the Park

This was Monday's workout with a few girl friends. No matter the fitness level of whoever I'm training or working out with I have to stress (for them AND for myself) it's not what the others are doing it's how hard you can push yourself and get better comparing only to yourself. Don't use others as a standard, we are each created uniquely with different abilities so it really is like comparing apples to oranges.
Here's what we did

Warm up: 3x10 of
Hanging Rows
Bench Dips
Sit ups
Superman back extensions
Samson stretch

Workout: It was supposed to be 3 rounds but we ran out of time (I think I did it 2.5x)
50 Jumping jacks
20 Squats
20 Squat Jumps
20 Alternating Lunges each leg
15 Burpees
25 Push ups
30 Second Mountain Climbers
50 Crunches
1 min Plank

Total Time: Warm up took about 7 min and the workout took (if I remember correctly) about 33min to do it 2.5 times
HR: around 160-170
Sweat'o'Metre: it wasn't super sweaty, we also worked out at night when it was cool
Burn'o'Metre: since the exercises were grouped together with common muscle groups it was quite a good burn each round :)

What I Did: "Relaxing Run" no..not really

I'm not what you'd call a runner. Much of my early years of fitness consisted of a lot of running as I knew no better. I also do not have what you'd call a "runners physique" (you know the long lean feather types? ya that's not me). Anyhow regardless of my body type or abilities whenever I think of going for a run I think, ah yes solitude and cool breezes floating over the running path...then I actually go run and it's not like that at all. It's more like "keep going, push harder, breath and try not to let your heart smash out of your chest!" but I still do it and I still enjoy it because it's good to challenge yourself with something you're not the best at. It keeps you humble ;)
So I ran today, no need for warm up/workout details other than the following (warm up was my personal training session with my client this morning...)
Distance: 5.79km (I did 3 sprint intervals at then end...then I wanted to die so I jogged the rest)
Total Time: 33:15 (with a 2 min cool down walk included in that)
HR: 170-190
Sweat'o'Metre: sheesh, you tell me by the looks at that photo! Afterwards I immediately ran to the sink to wash my face as my eyes were filling with sweat...oh the sting...
Burn'o'Metre: other than the burn of sweat in my eyes...the lungs were burning huge on those end springs

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I Did: Back Tracking DOUBLE workout post

Okay okay I"m totally losing it this week with the blog...here's what I did on Monday with some friends...and Tuesday with my gf and her daughter (okay her daughter mostly just cheered us on or laughed at us.

Monday Warm up: Xfit warm up with band pull downs instead of chin ups

5 Rounds of;
50 Jumping Jacks
20 Sit ups

5 Rounds of;
15 Push ups
15 Sit ups
15 Air Squats

800m run

and cool down stretches!
Total Time:I think my time was close to 17 or 18 minutes pre cool down.
HR: um I think it was around 160 if I remember correctly
Sweat'o'Metre: not too much, though after the run I was feeling more sweaty
Burn'o"metre: mostly in the abs from the sit ups 
no photo

Tuesday no warm up
TUESDAY WORKOUT: 3 rounds of;
50 Jumping jacks
20 Squats
20 Squat jumps (ya...right after squats. that was fun)
20 Alternating lunges
15 Burpees
25 Push ups
30 Sec Mountain climbers
50 Crunches
1 min Plank

Total Time: just about 30 minutes
HR: 160ish
Sweat'o'Metre: had a nice cool breeze in the shade, but my hair was pretty soaked around the hair line!!!
Burn'o'Metre: well since this workout stuck all "like" body parts together it was a burner for sure!
yay photo!!!!
someone changed her mind at the last minute and decided
she wanted to be in the photo hahaha!


Wow. Last night I did my own bootcamp, it was session 2 of six. It was SO MUCH FUN. Well...for me. I did it with everyone cause we didn't have to run around much it was all sort of "in place" exercises. But man...I'm feelin' it! I won't write down really what we did...since people paid me for that haha! But here's the idea;
Warm up: About 5 min of jogging, balistic movements, jumping jacks and the like...
I had 4 stations (or circuits) of 2 exercises each. For the first exercise in each circuit we did it for 60 seconds with a 30 second break then the second one for 30 seconds with a 30 second break. We did the whole thing 3 times with 1 min water break in between each round. It was great :) Lots of laughs and flopping on the ground!

Total Time: Warm up about 5 min, workout was about 30 min exactly
HR: surprisingly only 150 
Sweat'o'Metre: a bit sweaty, but it was nice and cool and the sun was going down so not too hot out
Burn'o'Metre: oh yes, my bootcampers would be happy to know I was feeling the burn and I feel it today too :) Fantastic!
No photo from bootcamp...maybe next week I'll ask if everyone wants to be in it :)
this is from another workout, but it's where we did
bootcamp too!

Monday, August 12, 2013

What I Did: Lots of Sit Ups

I know I know, sit ups are horrible for your back...however I feel that is a conditional statement and those who can do them and do them properly it is okay. That said, here's the workout;
Warm up: Crossfit warm up as per usual

5 Rounds of: 50 Jumping Jacks + 20 Sit ups
5 Rounds of: 15 Push ups + 15 Sit ups + 15 Squats
Approx 800m run (I didn't measure it, kinda guestimated)

Total Time: 18:30 + 8 min warm up = 26:30 min
HR: oops ya forgot to take it.
Sweat'o'Metre: Not so sweaty, it wasn't a super intense workout
Burn'o'Metre: was feeling it with the sit ups in the last few rounds of the 2nd circuit but nothing crazy
Also no photo. I'm not going to lie. Feeling a little burnt out from "blogging". Just cause I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been working out which is a good thing...but not so great if you're a regular here. My apologies. I'll get my groove back ;)

Friday, August 9, 2013

What I Did: Weights Day Should Always Be This Sweaty!

I love weight day :) I'm just saying. I don't lift very heavy any more, I like to turn it into a high intensity weights/CV circuit (though I know you can lift heavy and still have it high intensity) it's hard to do on a total gym ;) Anyhow I haven't posted in a while, I've been working out just not blogging it as they haven't been too "awesome". Anyhow here's today's workout. It was sweet. Or should I say sweat?

Warm up (my favorite part now) Boogie Down sistah (and brothah's!) for about 5 minutes of improve dancing and getting your groove on. And I'm talkin' high kicks, salsa, b-girl'in, hip hop, swing and any style you wanna incorporate! I had so much fun being a geek, dancing by myself in my living room!

WORKOUT: Total Gym 
3x 15 of: Seated Row & Lat "pull up", 3 rest breaks: i&iii Plank Climb 40 sec, ii. Mountain Climber 40 sec
3x15 of: Pull over and crunch & Upright Row; 3 rest breaks: i&iii V sit 30 sec, ii. Burpees 30 sec
3x15 of: Squat and swing with 30lb & Hamstring Curl with towel on floor; 3 rest breaks: i&iii Oblique twist 40 sec, ii. Ski hops 40 sec
2x15 (bc both are tricep isolation anyways) Skull crushers & Kneeling Tricep kick backs: 3 breaks (did both ex. back to back first round, then split them up for round 2) i&iii Spider Plank 40 sec, ii. Jumping Jacks 40 sec

Total Time: 40min 15 sec
HR: 170-180
Sweat'o'Metre: shiny-slimy-awesomeness, definitely gotta wipe down the equipment for this one!
Burn'o'Metre: near the end of each set I was feeling the push. Love it.

Monday, August 5, 2013

What I Did: Long Weekend Good Morning Run

It was glorious this morning. Getting up early, but not too early on a long weekend and waking to the sunshine and cool breezy weather. Ahhh so good! I've been doing a lot of high intensity stuff and just needed a slow and steady run so that's what I did.
Warm up/Workout:
nothing fancy, just...run.

Total Time: 34 min
HR: 170
Sweat'o'Metre: I forgot that I sweat when I run haha! Not as crazy as the HIIT stuff but still it was a good one!
Burn'o'Metre: looow...wasn't doing it for a burn, although I had some knee pain, blast those IT bands...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

What I Did: Tired Day Just Do It Anyways

Wow, creative title huh? That shows how much energy I have for creativity huh?
Here it is
Warm up:
50 Jumping Jacks
20 Squats
25 Clap Jacks
30 Sec Butt Kickers
30 Sec High Knees
10 Straight leg swings
10 Bent knee leg swings
10 Arm circles ea (both ways)
4 min

WORKOUT: 1 Time Through
3x 20 Walking Lunges, 15 Push ups
3x 20 Sit ups, 20 Air squats
100 Jumping Jacks
1 min air jump rope
20 Vertical Jumps
10 Burpees
...so I thought I pressed start but I didn't and didn't catch it til the end of the walking lunges and push ups, I think it took about 10-12 min

Cool Down: 30 sec each "limb" (about 5 min)
Quad, Hammy's, Calves, Chest, Glutes

Total Time: 20 min (add 8 min round trip walking to and from the park, yes...I walked.)
HR: 170
Sweat'o'Metre: still pushed enough to have the face drip during and after!
Burn'o'Metre: nearing the end, after all that jumping my calves and butt were definitely feelin it!

Friday, August 2, 2013

What I Did: The Hills Ran Me

I did this yesterday. It was nice when it was overcast, then the sun came out and oh boy it was hot!

Warm up: 
200m Jog
100m High knees
100m Butt kickers
50m Samson stretch lunge
50m Ankle grab
50m Knee hug
50m Jog
(8 min)

As many rounds as possible in 7min
Hill run 30m, walk down
7 Star jumps
21 Squats
7 Push ups

As many rounds as possible in 6 min
Jog uphill 30m backwards
At the top do 14 mountain climbers, jog down
14 Jump lunges
7 Pike push ups

After that do the entire circuit (both) in a row as many rounds as possible in 8 min

Cool down stretches (5 min)

Total Time: Approx 35 min
HR: 160/170
Sweat'o'Metre: OH yes it was a drippy one, especially off the face!
Burn'o'Metre: Inferno man! This burned the lungs, the legs, the calves, the butt everything! Not so much upper body though.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I Did: Video Repeat

Today was a "you can workout if you have time" day and I did so I decided to just do a cardio video. I did this one before, I meant to try a new one but forgot I already did this. So just like last time I amped it up with extra bouce, arm movement and speed and I'm dripping!
Warm up and Cool down included!
Total Time: 37 min (with 5 min warm up, 5 min cool down)
HR: 150-160
Sweat'o'Metre: if you push it and add some extra bounce to most of these movements you can get a good sweat on, or if you want a good cardio recovery workout take it easy and it'll move that soreness right out!
Burn'o'Metre: I remember the shoulder burn now. Yep same shoulder burn. Who knew?

Monday, July 29, 2013

What I Did: Group Workout and How Many Burpees?

Great workout tonight. Way harder that I've had in a while and what better motivation then some friends! It was great, had 4 other friends (plus the hubster) join me at the park for this one;
Warm up: 3x10
Band row
Bench dips
Sit ups
Back Extension
Samson Stretch (10 sec each side)

WORKOUT: For Time!!!GO!!!
Run 400m (up hill and down hill = 200m x 2)
20 Rows
20 Push ups
20 Sit ups
20 Squats
40 Walking Lunges
50 Sit ups
50 Burpees
50 Sit ups

2x100m hill sprint
1x100m hill sprint with band resistance

Total Time: minus the hill sprints at the end my time was 13:43! I was happy with that. Then the hill sprints were about 5 or so more minutes with the warm up around 8 min = 26min (though with rest periods it was closer to 30 start to finish)
HR: a whopping 190
Sweat'o'Metre: gotta love the rain, not too sweaty though it was suuuper nice and cool
Burn'o'Metre: uh 50 burpees anyone? Ya. It burned. A lot.
3 Photos today!!! Mostly cause I couldn't get everyone in doing a selfie and also cause most people don't for some reason enjoy having their photo taken after working out. And then there's the hill.