Thursday, December 12, 2013

What I Did: Total Body Gym + Leg Extensions for a 1st!

Workout #2 of being sick and I finally had a good sleep last night! I think I'm on the end of this praise the Lord. Felt good today though had to take a couple breaks after taking my pulse (a little too high!).

Warm up: Some good old Mandisa dance crew video;
Workout: 2x of 15 reps for all (except the lunges I only did 12 ea side)
- Seated cable row + Lat band pull (on all fours with opposite leg extended behind) with 30 seconds of lateral hops in between each set.
- Overhead cable pull and crunch + Upright/high cable pull with 30 seconds of climbing plank
- Squat with 10lb weight + Leg extensions with band resistance (see photo) with 30 seconds of ball roll outs
- Lunge and twist with 10lb wt (only for first set then 2nd set I used the exercise ball) + calf raise with 30 seconds of jumping jacks (only the first time, had to rest after the second set)
- Tricep extension and Tricep kickbacks with 30 seconds of sumo squat marching
- Surfer cable pull with 30 seconds of Russian twists with the exercise ball

Total Time: approx 3 min warm up + 35min workout = 38 minutes total
HR: throughout it varied from 150-180
Sweat'o'Metre: I kept a fan on me to keep cool so I didn't sweat too much
Burn'o'Metre: loving the back to back same muscle group burn. Felt it in the leg ext as I hadn't tried those at home before 
A bit of a vanity shot. I like my legs. But
they looked even more awesome mid workout
doing these extensions hehe...gotta
love the pump!

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