Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I Did: Back, Triceps and Legs

I tried a couple new dance videos. Lets just say I'm glad no one was around to watch me. It would have won for AFV and that's without puppies or small children. Here's the threeI tried for my warm up. The last one would be good as a cool down! The first one was much more...hilarious.

Warm up: (try something that challenges your brain for a warm up!)
Now for the Workout!: (used the total gym, bands, a chair and a 10lb weight) 2x12-15 reps
- Seated Row & kneeling Lat Pull down with bands with 30 seconds of mountain climbers
- Arm pullover with crunch & Upright Row with 30 seconds of jumping jacks
- 1 Legged Deadlifts with 10lb & Seated Quad extension using resistance band with 30 seconds of slow burpees
- Calf raises & Alternating lunges with no break in between
- Skull Crusher tricep ext & Kneeling Tricep kick backs with 30 seconds of prisoner squats
- Surfer pulls with 30 seconds of rest

Total Time: (warm up videos took about 7-10 min) 34 minute workout + warm up and cool down 40-50min total (Less goofing around next time!)
HR: 150-170 throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: was getting moist and hot so I turned the fan on
Burn'o'Metre: feeling it in those hamstrings for those dead lifts and the triceps at the end
I knew I saved that shirt for a reason!
Preggo workouts!

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