Saturday, December 14, 2013

What I Did: Back 2 Back Circuits

Today it is supposed to snow a lot. YAY. I love snow (no sarcasm). But I'm still waiting for this supposed snow storm...probably hit everywhere but here as usual. Anyhow it's cold so I stayed inside (as will be many if not all of my winter workouts). I did this circuit I found on pinterest, warm up included;

Warm up: Do all for 1 minute
High Knees Jog
Jumping Jacks
Jog on the spot
Jump rope
Power Skip on the spot

Workout: The workout says 3x through and normally I would but 2x seems like a good start back into things for this (almost not sick any more) preggo.
Complete each circuit 2x(or 3) then move onto the next;
C1: 20 Squats + 15 Jump Squats + 10 Burpees
C2: 20 Mountain Climbers (ea) + 15 Push ups + 10 1 Legged Bridges
C3: 20 Alternating Lunges + 15 Plie Squats + 10 Calf Raises (ea)

Complete the following core exercises for 1 minute each;
Russian twists with leg raise
Elbow Plank
Bicycle Crunch
Superman (I did it on all fours instead of on my tummy)

Total Time: 5 min warm up + 21:13 min workout = 26:13minutes
HR: From 140 - 180 depending on the circuit
Sweat'o'Metre: even with the fan on I actually got a little dribble down my face near the ned
Burn'o'Metre: wow do I ever feel heavy doing push ups now, yikes! And the plie squats burned also during the bicycle crunch I had to take 2 quick breaks wowzahs.
haha I look like I'm trying to be sultry but that is just my tired
look after the core section. Glad I did something. Glad it's over.

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