Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walk & Talk

Today I walked a lot. I walked to a farmers market with my friend and our wee babes and had a grand time and ate a delicious home made scone (the size of my fist!). I walked again with my wee babe who was sleep fighting (I won muhuhaha) and had some time to think about life, slow down, reflect on my own thoughts.

I have been thinking about fitness. My fitness. Your fitness. The world's fitness. It's all different. Where we want to go, how we want to feel, what we want to do and how we want to look (notice how that one's last? It always should be).
Since becoming pregnant and giving birth to my first born my body has not only changed but it's caused me to change the way I view fitness and being fit. How I did fitness and how fit I was pre-baby is very different than who it and I am now.
It was very difficult at first and I felt trapped inside someone else's body. That body didn't look right, feel right or work right. I was weak, sore, stiff and mushy.

It's been 5 months. Instead of going full speed ahead with burpees and chin ups and sprints I went against my "workout nature" that loves to go a bit too hard sometimes and took things really. really. really. freakin slow. Or did I? Maybe the pace I took things was actually not slow, maybe it was just right. Right for the proper time to allow healing and recovery for what my body had just been through. Right to allow me time to enjoy my new role as a mom, just right for targeting the areas that needed the most attention and care not necessarily the ones I wanted to improve. Maybe my body did look right, feel right and was working right for what it had just been through.

So though I am still going to be posting my workouts I probably won't until I'm done this program but I want to encourage everyone to "find their fit". Don't think because you don't have 12% body fat or can't run a 6 minute mile or do a single pull up that you're not fit. Our lives are different our body make up is different our passions and abilities are different. Just get out there, be active and find joy in doing it! Find your fit and embrace it with your heart, mind, body and soul!