Monday, December 2, 2013

What I Did: the Sick & Preggo Jog

I call it the preggo jog cause all sorts of interesting places were pulling and tugging. Gosh. Not so fun. BUT I'm glad I did it for the sake of this cold I have, it cleared me up a little bit.
Warm up: started at a slow pace and eased into it...
Approx 9:30 min jog to the lake
3x 20 bench push ups and 12 lunges each side
10 min jog back home

Total Time: about 25-30 min my husband had the watch and didn't time me cause ya...he whooped my butt home.
HR: oops uh too fast. I didn't take it but I could tell it was too high
Sweat'o'Metre: baby it's cold outside, not so sweaty though my bangs under my hat got squashed with  moisture
Burn'o'Metre: even with elevated upper body push ups it was starting to burn. These pecs ain't what they used to be and are carrying a heavier load these days

No photo, though I did think about starting to show off the little belly I'm accumulating (hopefully baby and not munchies!) but I didn't. Maybe in workouts to come.

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