Thursday, November 7, 2013

What I Did: HIIT Full Body Circuit (indoor or outdoor)

I'm tired. Here's what I did. It was good.

Warm up: 3 min of 
Jog on the spot
Front kicks with a pull down
Lateral Steps with pull back
Jumping Jacks

Workout: Got this on pinterest...made some mods for inside though
I did this as is (minus the sprints at the end) for the first round then for the last 2 rounds I did it with high knees jogging on the spot instead of burpees. I used bands for all the "equipment" required and for the renegade rows I just did a deep squat and did a regular row with the bands around a pole.

Total Time: 3 min warm up with 28 min workout = just over half an hour (please stretch after too though, not included)
HR: pretty much 160 the whole time
Sweat'o'Metre: due to being blown out by the flash you can't see the sweat but it was dripping off my bangs on my face all through the last 2 rounds
Burn'o'Metre: all the back to back same muscle groupings were great for a good burn!

my biceps aren't much to look at but I like them, this one was
a good shoulder burn too!

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