Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What I Did: Weights, Core & Cardio

I won't lie, I was in my pj's til 12 before I decided maybe it's time to do something productive...like a workout to get me going. It always works :)

Warm up:
1 min (rope-less) skipping
1 min jumping jacks
30 seconds high knees
20 dips on a chair
30 seconds butt kickers
25 squats

Workout: 2 sets of each pair + core/cardio move
2x15 reps of seated row and "lat pull downs" (I did a modified version on my hands and knees since I can lie on my belly any more) with 40 seconds of rope-less skipping
2x15 reps of over head pull with crunch and seated high row with 40 seconds of mountain climbers
2x20 squats with 10lb weight and 15 ea body weight calf raises with 40 seconds of climbing plank
2x15 ea alternating lunges and 20 sumo squats (first 10 with a 10lb weight ea set) with 20sec ea side bridge raises
2x15 skull crushers and tricep kick/pull backs with 40 seconds of lateral ski hops
2x15 surfer pulls with 30 seconds of squat jumps

Total Time: 42:40 including the warm up
HR: 160-170 throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: I got warm for sure, had a fan to prevent over heating definitely moistened my headband and...pits. heh...ya.
Burn'o'Metre: whole body tiredness by the end, had to push for sure on those squat jumps oh and the double tricep burn at the end gosh...
yay and our Christmas tree is up! Tis the season :) 

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