Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I Did: A Little Out a Little In

Today was one of those fall-almost-winter days at least by the calendar but was so sunny and not bitter windy cold I just had to get outside for some vitamin D! So I went for an hour walk this morning (which everyone prescribes for preggos so it couldn't hurt!) and got my heart rate up near the 140's enjoying the fresh air. Then I did this workout this afternoon;

Warm up (included in video)
Workout: Pretty low impact, cardio and muscle endurance
Total Time: 23:29min but I did the stretches at the end twice so it took me to about 26:30
HR: pretty low at 140 or so, not much of a "cardio" workout near the end should have taken it at the half way point!
Sweat'o'Metre: meh, a little moist
Burn'o'Metre: if there's anything I can say for Fitness Blender they sure know how to inflict a good burn! Those lunge pulses were killin me!
I'm a little confused...couldn't figure out if I loved the burn
or hated it. ;)

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