Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I Did: "Relaxing Run" no..not really

I'm not what you'd call a runner. Much of my early years of fitness consisted of a lot of running as I knew no better. I also do not have what you'd call a "runners physique" (you know the long lean feather types? ya that's not me). Anyhow regardless of my body type or abilities whenever I think of going for a run I think, ah yes solitude and cool breezes floating over the running path...then I actually go run and it's not like that at all. It's more like "keep going, push harder, breath and try not to let your heart smash out of your chest!" but I still do it and I still enjoy it because it's good to challenge yourself with something you're not the best at. It keeps you humble ;)
So I ran today, no need for warm up/workout details other than the following (warm up was my personal training session with my client this morning...)
Distance: 5.79km (I did 3 sprint intervals at then end...then I wanted to die so I jogged the rest)
Total Time: 33:15 (with a 2 min cool down walk included in that)
HR: 170-190
Sweat'o'Metre: sheesh, you tell me by the looks at that photo! Afterwards I immediately ran to the sink to wash my face as my eyes were filling with sweat...oh the sting...
Burn'o'Metre: other than the burn of sweat in my eyes...the lungs were burning huge on those end springs

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