Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I Did: Cardio Video

Can't get enough of those Fitness Blender videos, especially when I'm sitting in my workout gear with my head on the table cause I don't want to plan my own workout.  Just cause I exercise the body doesn't mean I have to use my own brain all the time haha! Praise the Lord for the internet :)
So here's the video that had a warm up and cool down. Talk about taking the mental work out of it!
Total Time: 37 minutes (warm up and cool down in there too) workout is about 30 min
HR: 150 at the end, though I took it mid workout at around 170
Sweat'o'Metre: oh yeah baby all over my workout mat! Add extra umph (bounce, kicks etc) to pump it up
Burn'o'Metre: So weird, in my shoulders for those toe touches at the end after the plank slaps, oh how I love plank slaps :) for realz.
gosh I always forget to fix my crazy workout eyebrows...

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