Friday, September 13, 2013

What I Did: Warming Up The Cold Weather

Today I convinced a friend to workout with me...mostly so that I wouldn't skip or slack on my workout. Even though it was a short one today it was still a good one! Just the basics baby, they're always a good default!

Warm up: quick walk to the park (3 min) and once around the soccer field (2 min)

Workout: 5 minutes of running lengths of the soccer field and at each end of the field do 10 jumping jacks
Then 4 rounds of the following;
20 push ups
30 crunches
15 squats (should do more of these like 25 next time)
30 walking lunges (total)

Total Time: 21 minutes (including 5 min warm up)
HR: ya forgot to take it, I'm guessing around 160-170 as per usual
Sweat'o'Metre: thanking the cool breeze and cloudy skies sure made it easier but I didn't sweat as much
Burn'o'Metre: the push ups and lunges get me every time

Aw no photo, forgot to ask my friend (though most normal people shy away from post workout photos anyways I'm not sure I could have convinced her). So here's a funny "cold weather" photo to enjoy!

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