Monday, April 1, 2013

What I Did other than Eat Chocolate on Easter Monday

Easter Monday. Oh boy. So I joined this health challenge on the greatist social network that involves cooking/making 1 healthy meal a day and doing at least 20 minutes of body weight exercises every day. I'm glad I started the challenge cause it started today and I really wasn't feeling a workout today but due to my cyber social pressure I succumbed and I'm glad. Here's what I did.
Warm up: Not sure if this is supposed to be a warm up but it was longer than my usual warm ups, took about 8min 15 seconds.

WORKOUT: approx 30 min
Tabata (20 sec work, 10 sec rest x 8 = 4min per exercise with 1 min rest in between each exercise)
Air skipping (pretend you have a jump rope)
Dips/push ups (alternated as per my jello-y arms)
Seated rows
Mountain climbers
Toe touch crunches

Total time: 43min 15 sec
HR: after the crunches at the end it slowed to about 140 though I feel like the bulk of the workout it was probably nearer 160-170
Sweat'o'Metre: definitely dripping off my face while doing those mountain climbers, still feeling it drip through my head!
Burn'o'Metre: sheesh always feel the burn with tabata stuff!

I'm going to gross you out with the pic today...looks like I should start wearing shoes inside to avoid losing the bottom half of my feet to rug burn...ouch.

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