Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I Did: Recovery Day and Getting a Sweat on STILL

I'm pretty sore from my past couple workouts but I really don't want to break a 10 day streak of completing my 20 min of bodyweight workouts every day (much to my husbands objections). So I figured I'd do a recovery workout. This is a beginner video and I think it would be challenging but awesome for a beginner. However that said even if you're not a beginner but you're sore, depending on how much effort you put in this will still get you sweating! I sped up some exercises and slowed down others for the sake of my body (i.e. hamstrings oy!)
Anyhow here's the video!
Time: 30 minutes
HR: 130's (ish)
Sweat'o'Metre: surprising! I actually had the "falls" effect down my neck, crazy. I wasn't expecting that
Burn'o'Metre: those weighted punches were a challenge, pick a lighter weight than you think you can do!
I didn't want to use "effects" in editing to keep it real but
this way you can see my laptop says "workout complete".
Also check that glisten out on my face and collar bone!
Keep it sweaty!

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