Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I Did: Pain Comes in 35's

I decided to get back into some crossfit workouts from this site here (loads of body weight exercises on this site!).  But what comes with crossfit workouts is the crossfit warm up...I almost dread it more. Anyhow this is what I did
Crossfit Warm up 3x10 each
Samson stretch 10sec count each leg
Hanging sit ups
Dips (on a bench)
Back extension
Chin ups (ok I did not do chin ups today, I did a hanging overhand grip row from a low bar)
Time: 10min

WORKOUT 2 Rounds of the following
35 squats
35 knee to elbow sit ups/crunches
35 squats
35 sit ups (full)
35 lunges
35 squats

Total Time 24:42 (I took a 1 min break between the 2 rounds of the workout)
HR: 150-160
Sweat'o'Metre: not too sweaty (it was chilly again but still even under my hat my hair wasn't too sweaty)
Burn'o'Metre: I was surprised the sit ups killed me. The squats were a little tough but mainly the sit ups gah!

Here is me enjoying those burning sit ups (the first round I didn't use the pole)

Also this is the low bar I used to do my hanging rows/cheater pull ups

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