Thursday, April 18, 2013

What I Did: Barre Repeat

I admit I loved all the girlie stuff, ballet, figure skating, dance etc...but my body just happens to be more suited to things like...oh power lifting and plowing fields haha. But I do love this barre workout. It seems easy at first but by round two I'm feeling it like a lot.
Anyhow this is the same video, I might try other barre workouts in the future but I like this one for now (especially since I haven't exactly mastered it yet)

Time: actual workout time is about 30 min maybe 32 minutes plus the cool down gives you almost 40 minutes
HR: guessing....uh maybe 130's (dang it I always forget to take my heart rate these days)
Sweat'o'Metre: not so much, warm but not too sweaty (easy to do if you have to go back to work with just a quick freshen up!)
Burn'o'Metre: here's the kicker, I may not sweat a lot but it buuurns oh it burns.
I won't lie, I initially tried my foot on the top of the chair
but I couldn't get my face close enough for the photo
bah hah, so not flexible.

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