Monday, April 15, 2013

What I Did: Sweat with a Friend

I hung out with my BFF on the weekend for her birthday (big deal as she lives 4 hours away!). Lots of fun, also lots of (too much) sugar. Blech.
So we worked out Saturday at least and here's what we did!

Warm up:
1 minute jumping jacks
1 minute ski lunges
1 minute clap jacks
1 minute heel toucn & reach

WORKOUT: Tabata style but AA BB pattern for the 4 minutes (8 rounds)
Kettle bell swings
Push ups

180 jumps


Toe Touches
Elbow to Knee (Spidermans)

Moving Plank

Total Time: approx 30 min
HR: 140-160 (depends on exercise section)
Sweat'o'Metre: glistening, not so much dripping but it was still a good one
Burn'o'Metre: oh yes especially with the lunges and 180 jump pair!
YAY sweaty BFF photo opp!

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