Friday, April 5, 2013

What I Did: My quota of 20 min

I'm dealing with some annoying pain and tightness in my neck today (and the past couple days) and just feeling like doing anything BUT working out. So I decided just to "fill my quota" of 20 minutes of body weight exercises from the challenge. Also I realize how focused I need to be in my workouts. If I'm doing high intensity and someone (AHEMhusbandAHEM) thinks it's funny to dance around and mock me I get really frustrated and annoyed...easily. So yeah I was more than ready to quit physically and mentally at 20 min.
Here's the workout sans warm up today...

WORKOUT (I did this 2.5 times stopped after burpees on the 3rd round)

Time (for 2.5 rounds): 20 min 37 seconds
HR: 150
Sweat'o'Metre: Not sure if you can see in the photo but I had major sweaty face
Burn'o'Metre: At the end of the lower body and end of the core focused exercises I was feeling it. Especially the jumping ones, and the plank.
Here's me and my unimpressed sweaty face...
Yes I know, I have the worlds UGLIEST couch. Didn't
mean to include that in the photo...

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