Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I Did: A workout with the Hubster

Today is a day both my husband and I get to sleep in and take it easy before he heads to work. It is still rare however, for us to workout together as our goals and styles and likes/dislikes are very different when it comes to how we want to burn those calories.
Anyhow today he wanted to run to the lake (almost 2km, under by about 300m). Anyhow here's what we did
Warm up: the run to the lake takes approx 7-8 min (I forgot my watch!!! just estimates today!)
3 sets of
20 bench hops + 20 push ups
20 squat jacks + 20 sit ups

3 sets of (between lamp posts on the boardwalk)
two foot long jumps
walking lunges (approx the distance of 19-20 lunges)
high knees jogging

Running home we did 80% of our fastest speed approx 50-100 m with 10m walking intervals. We did about 5 or 6 of those
Got home and stretched it out!

Time: Outside for a total of approx 45 min though this workout wouldn't take that long if we had planned ahead and didn't take so many breaks figuring out what to do
HR: approx 160-175
Sweat'o'Metre: it was chilly and windy but I did sweat
Burn'o'Metre: umm not so much burning though my husband kicks my butt at speed so the sprints were hard

No pic...I showered and forgot sorryyyyyy but here's a nice one of the beach area we like to workout at! No those are not the shoes we workout it


  1. Finally got caught up on all these posts. You are amazing! I didn't work out last night like I said I would, but I did do the 30 day shred today. Short and sweet. It's all I can afford some days.
    Now I'm letting my body cool down so I can shower before Baby B wakes up from his nap!

    1. 30 day shred is good! I didn't think they were short ones, like 30 min to an hour some of them right?