Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Did: Heart Pounding

I try not to give myself guilt trips about missing workouts especially when I'm sick, over tired,  or unusually busy.  None of the above happen too often for me to have to push through so I figure, don't worry about it.  However by my workout today I think my inner drill sergeant thought differently and used today as punishment for skipping twice this week (gasp! and just before the holidays too!). 

Warm up: 1 min jumping jacks, 20 forward/back leg swing-toe touches each, 20 forward and back arm swings, 1 min mountain climbers, 1 min skipping

WORKOUT: Run (a bit faster than a jog) down to the lake, approx 8min 22 seconds, then 4 rounds of the following;
20 bench hops + 5 push ups
20 walking lunges + 5 push ups
2 foot long jumps (approx 13-15) + 5 push ups
High knees running 2 lamp posts distance + 5 push ups
this took me just over 10 min, approx 11 min 23 sec
Run home and try and keep same time (HA! this is where I did not succeed...I added 2 min so it was about 10 min and 30 seconds)
Cool down: after making sure I wouldn't pass out I stretched lower and upper body as per usual

Total Time: approx 30-31 min (not including warm up or cool down)
HR: you're not gonna believe this, when I got home it was approx 190-200!!! yeesh!
Sweat'o'Metre: Definitely sweaty. Felt the trickle on my face during the 10 min circuit for sure
Burn'o'Metre: this time the burn was in my lungs and my heart about to pound out of my chest. 

Notice I am not smiling. Not just because I forgot but was no smiling matter! Woo I pushed hard today.
If you want to know what I really looked like when I got home it was more like



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