Monday, March 18, 2013

What I Did: Freeze my Face off

So today it was only -1...add windchill and it was -10. I'm okay with -10 and no wind, but like I said. Wind. Lots of it. In my face. So I didn't enjoy my workout per say...but here's what I did...

Warm up: Crossfit warm up which took just over 7 minutes

3 Rounds for time of:
50 Body weight squats
30 Hanging body weight rows
40 Push ups (eventually did them on my knees) (11 min 23 sec)

1 Mile run (approx 7 min 15 sec)

Time: Approx 30 min with rest periods
Sweat'O'Metre: Since it was so freakin cold I didn't feel sweaty but I'm sure if it was warm I would have
Burn'O'Metre: Push ups and rows killed my chest and biceps...some un-lady like sounds coming out of my mouth for realz.

Sorry no sweaty photo today. I took one but some how it got deleted. Boo. Basically a very red face hiding behind sunglasses and a sweaty toque.

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