Friday, March 15, 2013

What I Did: PULL Tabata Style

I focused on lower body yesterday and push movements the day before so today I'm going to pull out my inner sexy back (pulling uses back muscles fyi) with this workout.
Warm up (see "yesterdays" post) except substituting pulling for the pushing exercises.

WORKOUT: Tabata method (20sec work/10 sec rest) 1 min rest between each exercise
Total gym narrow grip pull ups (notch 6 for 4sets, 5 for 2sets, 4 for 2sets)
Bent over row with 30lbs
Standing row with bands
Rear deltoid flyes on Total Gym (notch 2)
100 jumping jacks cool down

Total time: 33 minutes
HR: 130bpm
Sweat'O'Metre: moist, but no where near dripping.
Burn'O'Metre: Oh baby those rear delts, traps and biceps were feelin it! Not so much the lats, wide grip next time.
Sitting on my total gym,
 too bad my biceps are in the way. heh. jk.

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