Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I Did: Active Recovery

Today, still sore from my lower body workout a couple days ago and my back workout was starting to kick in so I did some "active recovery" aka not moping and whining about how sore I am on the couch and doing some "activity" to loosen up the muscles. Try it. You won't be as sore as long.

Warm up: 100 jumping jacks, 1 min high knees (2x30 sec intervals) 1 min mountain climbers (2x30 sec intervals) 25 squat jacks
Run 8min 30 sec to the boardwalk
10 min of the following circuit:
walking lunges approx 19, 5 push ups
two footed hops (same distance as lunges), 5 push ups
high knees 2 lamp posts distance, 5 push ups
butt kicks 2 lamp posts, 5 push ups
long leaps 2 lamp posts, 5 push ups
(I was able to do this circuit 3x in 10 min with 1 extra set of lunges and 5 push ups)
Run 10 min home
V ups on bench x 25 reps
Oblique twists x 25 each side (total 50)
1 min plank
25 butterfly sit ups

Time: 35 min
Sweat 'O'Metre: Even though it's -10 outside (with windchill) I was plenty sweaty and steaming up my sunglasses!
Burn'O'Metre: Was feeling it especially with the hops and lunges and then again with the core (I've been neglecting core focused exercises heh...)
It was intense for an "active recovery" workout but I wasn't that sore. Now I don't feel sore at all.

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