Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Did: Pilates Pulverizer

Apparently I'm not so great on Mondays. This whole "lets do nothing and relax" idea my husband has on our day off goes a bit too far. I mean what's one itty bitty workout in the middle of a bunch of "nothing"? Alas I still haven't been able to find the motivation lately.
So it's Tuesday and I posted here about Pilates and my sister has been raving about it, and even though I tried it ages ago (and quit cause um...it made me feel out of shape and completely un-graceful) I gave it another shot.  I did two of Cassey Ho's videos on youtube, then because I was barely glowing went back to "old faithful" Fitness Blenders for a quick sweat & heart pump.
Pilates total body tone for beginners
Express Cardio Blaster
Total Time: give or take (due to instruction time) 32 minutes for all three videos
HR: 180 after the cardio one, didn't bother with the first two
Sweat'o'Metre: just a glow for the Pilates videos but a steady stream down the face for 10 min of cardio blasting!
Burn'o'Metre: WOW. Those Pilates videos still make me feel like a blob! But I think I'll try and do one or two a week because clearly...I need to work on that! Also the cardio blaster gave a good burn too!
I was going to make a nice face and thought forget it, no
point in faking it! ha!

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