Friday, May 24, 2013

What I Did: Another Late Night

Late nights mean tired days. Tired days mean I don't like to workout. But I did anyways.
Calves sore from my workout yesterday, all that jumping around. So I did a barre workout (or two) from Fitness Blender that burned my butt, literally.

Warm up: Didn't intend to but the first video was a good warm up to the second.
Total Time: approx 30 min
HR: 130's 
Sweat'o'Metre: barely a glow but I needed it today
Burn'o'Metre: call the fire department my butt and hamstrings are on fire!!! See just cause you don't sweat doesn't mean it doesn't burn (and vise versa)
No photo today, not much to show, no sweat, I'm inside and you all know what my living room looks like now :P Though I wish I had a ballet pic of myself when I was little and chubby and cute, that'd be funny.
This will have to suffice (no I'm not saying I was hippo I just loved this sequence in Fantasia)
Though sometimes when I do barre workouts I feel like this haha!

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