Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Did: Half a Workout Full Sweat

I felt like it would rain this afternoon (and by felt I mean I looked it up on the weather network and it said it would rain) so I guiltily took my workout outdoors this morning. I copied it down from a video workout I found from Fitness Blender called HIIT Workout for Endurance and Strength - Intense Home Cardio Workout

Warm up: 2:30 min of up tempo jogging (around a soccer field), 1 min walking knee hugs, 1 min leg swings (lateral), 1 min arm swings with some clap jacks

WORKOUT: You're supposed to do this whole circuit 2ce but I only had time for 1 round..., good 'nuff
- 20 seconds of work 10 sec rest in between each exercise unless stated otherwise;
(do first 3 exercises 2ce around)
Lateral high hops
Push up Jacks
Jump lunges
45 sec rest then repeat the above one more time
(do next 3 exercises 2ce around)
Plyo-push ups (gah so hard, ended up on my knees)
Turkish Getups (one side only, on 2nd round switch to other side)
1 Leg lateral hops (switch to other side on 2nd round)
45 second rest then repeat one more time (for 2 rounds total)
Medicine Ball jack knife (I had a flat weight so I couldn't pass it to my feet)
Windshield Wipers
Superman back extensions
45 second rest
(do next 3 exercises 2ce through)
180 squat jumps
Side push ups
Hanging Leg lifts
45 second rest repeat for 2 rounds total
- Then I ran around the soccer field for 2:30 min
Total Time: 26 minutes including warm up
HR: 190!!!
Sweat'o'Metre: oh yes, I was thankful for the cool cloudy weather otherwise I would have probably sweat as much as I drank!
Burn'o'Metre: some exercises more than other, I think next time I want to do the whole thing really feel the burn.
This is me squinting because I have sweated so much there
is sunscreen in my eye

And this is how I really felt. I couldn't just pick one uber
attractive picture of myself haha! :P jokes.

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