Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I Did: AMRAP Circuit

AMRAP means As Many Reps As Possible.  Which usually also means "ah crap I'm gonna die!" haha jk...

Warm up: 10 x 2 rounds of
10 sec Samson stretch
10 chin ups
10 bench dips
10 sit ups
10 back ext
10 squats

WORKOUT: AMRAP in 45 sec of the following, doing the whole circuit 2x
Inch worm push up
Air squat
Push up with rotation
Split jump lunge
Mountain climber
Hanging row
Scissor kicks

Total Time: 25 (ish) with warm up
Sweat'o'Metre: When your glasses start filling up with sweat so much you feel like you're underwater and the sweat starts dripping into your ears from your headphones yech...ya that's a lot of sweat
Burn'o'Metre: this was a good whole body burn for all aspects, muscular and cardiovascular
this photo does not capture just how much I was sweating.
I have since cooled down, stretched and walked home and
I am still sweating!

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