Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I Did: Bug Run

I just did a 30 min jog this morning.  First morning workout outside in a while. The temperature was perfect! Although I'm not sure I'll go for a run again at that time, I am sure I still have bugs in my hair from those swarms, yech.  Not to mention almost going blind and having to pick my teeth out...ok ok I'm exaggerating but it was still na na na naaaasty.

Warm up: I did my 15 min morning stretch routing, not really a part of this workout though but I thought I'd mention it. This is the video I do;
WORKOUT: Nothing crazy, just ran for 30 min
Time: 30 min
HR: 180-190 (sooo apparently my cardio has gone down a wee bit heh
Sweat'o'Metre: surprisingly fairly sweaty...makes me dread the summer months coming
Burn'o'Metre: had some knee pain at the end, definitely feeling fatigued more so than usual on an easy run...possibly because I did it on an empty stomach...duh.
No stunning photo of my sweatiness today, was in a rush to get to work...but here's a lovely one from the area I like to jog in.
this was a couple summers ago at sunset. 

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