Friday, July 26, 2013

What I Did: Part 1 of 2 Wt's and Cardio Day

Totally been slacking this week, did some sprinting with my hubby and got major inflammation of my tibialis anterior (aka front of shin) so I was hobbling around feeling lazy and sorry for myself.
But after some TLC from my RMT husband (yep I'm lucky) I'm back in the game today. Did my weights as seen below and will be doing some cardio tonight to play catch up.
Warm up: 50 jumping jacks, 40 high knees, 40 twist jumps, 40 butt kickers, 20 arm circles each way

WORKOUT: 3x15 of each with 3 sets of 30 seconds of the designated core exercise in between sets
Shoulder Press (alternating crunch)
Chest Fly (Russian twist with 10lb)
Chest Press (Vertical Toe Touch with 10lb)
Ant Deltoid Raise (Scissor kicks with crunch hold)
Lateral Deltoid Raise (Climbing Plank)
Rear Deltoid Fly (Pike Curl; using the total gym to slide my feet in!)
Bicep Curl (Crunch with 40lbs the first two sets then used resitance bands for the last set)

Total Time: approx 30 min
HR: 140-150
Sweat'o'Metre: I love it when I get a good sweat on doing weights, also I had to wash my eyes out from the sweat dripping into it ahhh it burns!
Burn'o'Metre: aside from the sweat in my eyes it was challenging. I tried to keep the weight heavy enough to really struggle at the end of each set

And that's that. I'll post a picture tonight at the track (yay for school being out I can use the rich kids rubber track at the highschool!) Check back later!
Did I mention when I used to do weights shoulders and back were my favorite. People might not like muscle on a girl but I think it's awesome :)

this is totally not me...obviously. Maybe I'll pose next time haha ya right.

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