Monday, July 29, 2013

What I Did: Group Workout and How Many Burpees?

Great workout tonight. Way harder that I've had in a while and what better motivation then some friends! It was great, had 4 other friends (plus the hubster) join me at the park for this one;
Warm up: 3x10
Band row
Bench dips
Sit ups
Back Extension
Samson Stretch (10 sec each side)

WORKOUT: For Time!!!GO!!!
Run 400m (up hill and down hill = 200m x 2)
20 Rows
20 Push ups
20 Sit ups
20 Squats
40 Walking Lunges
50 Sit ups
50 Burpees
50 Sit ups

2x100m hill sprint
1x100m hill sprint with band resistance

Total Time: minus the hill sprints at the end my time was 13:43! I was happy with that. Then the hill sprints were about 5 or so more minutes with the warm up around 8 min = 26min (though with rest periods it was closer to 30 start to finish)
HR: a whopping 190
Sweat'o'Metre: gotta love the rain, not too sweaty though it was suuuper nice and cool
Burn'o'Metre: uh 50 burpees anyone? Ya. It burned. A lot.
3 Photos today!!! Mostly cause I couldn't get everyone in doing a selfie and also cause most people don't for some reason enjoy having their photo taken after working out. And then there's the hill.

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