Thursday, July 11, 2013

What I Did: GASP! I used a Machine!

So since we got this Total Gym a couple summers ago (and yes we have used it since then!) I thought I should probably incorporate it into my workout routine and not just save it for cold winter days. There won't be much variation so once a week I may just do this routine with some changes here or there. I just did upper body today (though next time I will incorporate more core, totally forgot til I was half way into the shower, duh).

Warm up: I did this video (I do it every morning but I used it as a warm up...though I don't really recommend static stretching as a warm up as it is counter productive and some of these moves are kinda static-y)
WORKOUT: Super sets (3 sets each, done in pairs)
Shoulder Press 3x15
Seated row 3 x 15
Chest Press 3 x 15
Lat Pull Down 3 x 15
Anterior Deltoid Raise (front shoulder) 3 x 12
Lateral Shoulder Raise (side) 3 x 12 (last set I finished off with a few rear Delt flyes)
Bicep Curls 3 x 12
Tricep Extensions 3 x 12

Total Time: not including warm up (approx 15 min) It took just under 30 min, no rest between sets
HR: oops, yeah didn't take it. It was up there, probably 140-150's
Sweat'o'Metre: Surprisingly because I was inside, it's a nice day out and we have AC (maybe it wasn't on) but I was still working it pretty hard, that's why I do weights without rest! Keep the heart rate up and the sweat going!
Burn'o'Metre: I actually enjoyed this since I haven't done "weights" in a while, it was good to push through those last few reps and feel the burn!
No photo, had to rush off to work! But here's what I used today!

also Chuck Norris is an advertiser...haha! I don't think you
need to buy one, we got ours for 80 bucks at a garage
sale. used 2ce! haha!

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