Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Did: Lower Body Cardio

So as promised from my other blog, here's the workout from today; (though I will admit I changed the sprint ratio it was killing me! Just did the first one 15/5)

Warm up: start off with 2-3 min easy jog (this is also included in the workout first 10 min)
10 min jog (after warm up increase pace to normal speed)
20 Walking Lunges
12 Two foot long jumps
30 Butt Kickers
15 Low Side Shuffle (each side aka 30 total)
30 High Knees
(do circuit 3 times)
5 min recovery jog
3 min sprint intervals 10 sec work/10 sec rest
2 min recovery jog/walk

Total Time: 27 min (with 50 sec cool down walk) I think the circuit took me about 6 min or so
HR: a consistent 180 (more or less) throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: In this humidity there is no where for sweat to evaporate. Also I need to stop sitting on the carpet after my workouts...gross TMI
Burn'o'Meter: the sprints...oh the sprints. The 2 foot long jumps were tough too!
I'm so happy it's over. Cold shower coming up!

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