Thursday, January 30, 2014

What I Did: Hungry for some Heart Pounding?

I was shocked at this workout and the fact that my heart rate got up as high as it did (oops...should watch that!). I was a bit confused at first, you do them in the order they are numbered and that number is also the reps. So just one? Just two? Really? Well it adds up and though it's not a puker it's definitely one that if you take minimal breaks and push into the next level up  you'll get a good sweat on :)

Warm up: New dance warm up :) Did it 2ce, first time to learn, second time to dig it...
Workout: I did level 2 at 5 sets with 30-40 seconds rest in between sets.
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Total Time: with warm up 8min + 21 min workout + 5 min cooldown stretches (yep I did them today) that was 34 minute workout
HR: 160-170
Sweat'o'Metre: had that fan in my face, it was getting hot without it I probably would have been super sweaty
Burn'o'Metre: nothing burned a LOT maybe those leg raises if I did them a bit slower but it was more a cardio burn for me (surprisingly! I thought it'd be more muscular. Maybe I'll try level 3 next time!)
started wearing my hubbies t-shirts now that I'm past
6 months preggers. Things are getting a bit "toight" hehe

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