Monday, January 6, 2014

What I Did: The REBEL

Let me tell you I didn't feel so rebellious after this workout! I was going to do level II (6 sets) but decided hey, I'm pregnant, my back is screaming at me and my heart rate is probably higher than my midwife would like sooo I just did level I (3 sets). My awesome hubby did an extra set what a trooper!

Warm up: (hehe I got my hubby to actually do this video with me)
Workout: I did level I (3 sets) oh and the last 2 sets I only did 10 burpees per set
Rebel Workout
Total Time: 3 min warm up + 15 min workout + 2 min cool down = 20 min TOTAL! EVERYBODY got time fo dat!
HR: 170-180
Sweat'o'Metre: definitely a sweaty one if you're pushing!
Burn'o'Metre: the push ups gosh I feel like a ton of bricks these days and those burpees are killer!

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