Monday, January 27, 2014

What I Did: Flash (the superhero not the dance)

If my photo today looks a little sluggish it's because I felt that way. Totally had to drag myself away from the last 5 minutes of some Korean drama (hehe) which says a lot so I would just do it. SO here's what I did,

Warm up: Used the first couple sets of round 1 to warm up

Workout: I am not exactly sure if I did it right but I did each Round 5 times through then moved onto the next one with about 1 min rest in between each round. I rested maybe 10 or 15 seconds between some sets. For those starting (or pregnant) listen to your body but don't be afraid to push yourself (unless doctors orders etc etc).

Image and workout from 
Total Time: 29:15 with a few minutes of stretches at the end (approx 33-34 min total)
HR: 150 consistent throughout
Sweat'o'Metre: Yep, it's sweaty if you don't take a lot of breaks
Burn'o'Metre: same goes for the burn, the fewer/shorter the breaks the better the burn!

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