Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I Did: So far...

So far as in yet, not distance. This'll be a boring post as it's just a summary of me biking to my client's place, our workout and biking home that I posted about last time, just with more detail.
(no warmup)
Bike 25 min! Wow cut off 2 min cause I thought I'd be late my HR after that was 170
Workout (as detailed before but I won't go into it, took about 25 min) my HR was 160ish (not sure if I counted properly)
Bike 27 min back, took my time and biked back for the first 10 min with a friend til she went back home, but my HR was still 160 when I got home

Total Time: 77 min! Woah that's like an hour and 17 min!
HR: as detailed above
Sweat'o'Metre: meh not so sweaty though after the first bike and workout I was dripping a wee bit, but I went super fast on the down hills coming home it all dried up :)
Burn'o'Metre: definitely felt it in the legs, butt and lungs on the way there (what motivation tardiness is!)
my husband thinks I have the "cool" helmet. I think I still
look like a dork. Safe and happy though! 

Oh on a side note the reason why I say "so far" is because I told my husband I'd run to the lake and back when he got home...oy that's like a triple workout for me today WOOT WOOT!

UPDATE: Soooo I did end up running to the lake with my hubby. TWO workouts today woo.
So we ran down which took 9 min. Then we did 20 super high bench hops + 10 push ups for 5 rounds which took us 9 more minutes...then we ran home and would have made it in 9 min but we walked the last little bit to cool down which took us about 1min 40 sec more. HR was 180 :)

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