Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I Did: It's raining...sweat!

So as promised I got up early to do my workout this morning. It was cooler yesterday so today the humidity definitely had an effect on the sweat'o'metre! My favorite weather to workout in in the summer is that cloudy rainy stuff with a breeze. you feel hard core doing it in the rain!

Warm up: Crossfit warm up 3x10
Chin ups (back to jumping up :P)
Sit ups (hanging)
Back extension
Samson stretch for 10 sec each leg

WORKOUT: 5 Rounds of the following
Run 100m
10 Burpees (I did 15 the first round and thought nope, not going to last doing that!)
20 Squats
35 Sit ups (full)
40 Regular skips

Total Time: 28min 20 seconds (warm up was 9, workout was 19:20)
HR: 180
Sweat'o'Metre: during my cool down I thought it was raining, but no that was just sweat pouring off my face. The photo doesn't do it justice! My arms were sweating (also humidity taken into account!)
Burn'o'Metre: definitely felt the need to push myself through those burpees and the squats required a couple shake outs here and there! The sit ups took the longest, not super hard but slow.
I was actually surprised by this workout, I didn't think it'd
take me as long as it did or be as hard. It's a good one!

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