Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What I Did: Preggers Butt Toning

In hind sight I probably shouldn't have done this workout today s low impact as it is my back was a little sore from yesterday (and butt since those two go hand in hand) but I figured what the heck (and a lingering image of my pregnant butt in the back of my head haunting me slightly).

Warm up: I did Tiffany Rothe's pregnancy warm up here
Workout: And twice through this "ballet butt" workout

Total Time: 32:56
HR: 150 after warm up, around 130-140 for the workout
Sweat'o'Metre: though my HR was low I was still starting to sweat at the end of the first round of the workout
Burn'o'Metre: oh the quads with that "push it back now hold" part...if you've done the video you know what I'm talking about. Also since I'm not only getting heavier but my muscles are getting weaker those tricep dips were actually hard for me too. Baby we're gonna have a long road back after birth! :)
got some new mats for working out...and more for doing
dishes in the kitchen. Yay no sore back!

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