Friday, February 14, 2014

What I Did: Dancing Donuts

I had a stereotypical pregnant woman binge last night (and today) on donuts. Like I'm not gonna even say how many I had. Yes I enjoyed it, and yes I felt physically like crap last night and today. Will I do that again? Umm...not for a loooong time, like I will have to forget how bad I felt. Anyhow they were still scrumptious but a little (ahem A LOT) more moderation next time shall we?

I did the ReFitRev's workout 1 from their youtube channel page again. Better for choreography this time (some what) though I had to take a few minutes break around 22 minutes, was feeling a little tired.

Warm up and Cool down included in the video (though you may want to do a bit of a lighter warm up first their first two videos are not really easy/slow paced).
Workout: dance dance dance! Here's the link to their channel page.

Total Time: 44 minutes (with pauses every now and then when commercials popped up)
HR: 150-160
Sweat'o'Metre: yep had to go get the fan half way through
Burn'o'Metre: had to take the intensity and impact down a bit in the last half, so yeah you could say I was feeling it.
7 Months pregnant today!
Happy Valentines day everyone!

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  1. Good girl! enjoy all aspects of life - in 'moderation'!! Mom