Monday, February 24, 2014

What I Did: Eat Dessert...Work Out

This one is appropriately (?) called Bring Me Some Pie. Yesterday was my mom's birthday and both my sister and brother's girlfriend are baking genius's and made donuts and cupcakes (of course after a dinner out at a fab restaurant). Needless to say this morning I still felt stuffed. Here's what I did;

Warm up: On Neila Rey's website she has a little blurb about warming up you can find it here and make your own call. I personally like to warm up with dynamic stretches or a little light cardio so my muscles feel less stiff when doing explosive or stretching type movements. I did a version of her warm up only about 2:30 min or so going through a few movements 3 times.

Workout: I did level II! For the pushup to lunge I just separated the two into 8 push ups and 8 lunges as I can't do those type of movements anymore with this baby belly of mine.

Total Time: 2:30 warm up + 20 min workout + RefitRev's cool down video This Little Light of Mine 3:40 = 26 min 10 sec workout
HR: 150-160 consistently
Sweat'o'Metre: yep sweating! No dripping on the carpet though thankfully but it's certainly warm in here now!
Burn'o'Metre: I was feeling it in the squats by set 5 (though I did squat jacks for the last set bc my "round ligament" was acting up a's a preggo thing.
crappy photo, I was too lazy to attach the flash today.

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