Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What I Did: When You Don't Wanna Workout...just dance.

It's getting harder and harder to motivate myself to workout, not for lack of energy, more so for lack of mobility :P However I still feel great, the weight is not piling on but going on sloooowly which is good for mom and baby so I'm happy!
So today I was super productive this morning so much that I figured I might skip the workout but my hubby, smart as he is said just do it...knowing that's all the push I need (hoping the baby comes out with as little of pushing HA!).
So I did RefitRev's workout playlist/workout #3 as it has the least amount of videos but ones that I love and make me happy!
Warm up and Workout in the playlist.
Total Time: 37 min
HR: 150
Sweat'o'Metre: not much yay for a fan
Burn'o'Metre: my calves are super tight these days so the jumping had to be taken down a notch or two for some songs.
that belly is definitely growing! :)

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