Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I Did: Catching Up

I actually have been working out this week, (this is actually my 3rd woo!) I just haven't been posting as they've been fairly unstructured and just "something" to get the heart rate up and the body moving.

Warm up:Today I did that MuTu stuff for about 10 min before hand plus the first video of ReFitRev's workout #3

Workout: I only did the first 7 of 13 videos of Workout #3 from ReFitRev's playlist and then I did their cool down video "Cry Holy" My favorite video of this playlist for sure is this one:
Total Time: 32 minutes (not counting the 10 min MuTu session)
HR: 150-160
Sweat'o'Metre: it's dripping off the bangs today! Gotta love a good sweat :) 
Burn'o'Metre: trying to keep the high impact bouncing to a minimum so not a big burn but I think normally if you put effort into these you'll feel the burn!

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