Thursday, March 27, 2014

What I Did: Some Mama-Muscle Building

Haven't done much weight bearing so I figured I would today (after my 25 minute walk).

Warm up: Not much really just took it easy on the first set

Workout: 2 sets of each 10-15 reps
Seated Row & Lat Pull down (I used bands for this in a kneeling position)
Overhead Pullover & Upright Row
Sumo Squats & Lunges (forward and backward)
Calf Raises & Thigh Leg Adduction (inner thigh leg raises lying on side)
Skull Crushers & Kneeling Tricep Kickbacks & Surfer Pull

Total Time: 20 minutes, took drink break between sets, no cardio or anything crazy
HR: 140-160 depending (around 160 for the squat sets)
Sweat'o'Metre: Nope. Nadda. Kept it light.
Burn'o'Metre: Feeling it in the triceps and those calf raises :P

probably the worst angle ever for a pregnant woman but
whatev's this is real life.

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