Saturday, April 5, 2014

What I Did: Slowing Down

Well I am 5 weeks away from my due date today. Getting real fast let me tell you, especially when a friend of mine due a week before me had her baby April 1st! Ack! Any time now I guess.
Anyhow I haven't been posting much of my workouts 1. because I haven't been doing very many (like maybe 2 a week) and 2. because a lot are just repeats of preggers videos or dance video's I've posted bajillions of times before (so just check the archives).
However that said I plan on working out until the baby comes, lightly and within reason if I have the energy and am not plagued by back pain.
Pregnancy has been eye opening for me in terms of fitness and health and my workouts.  I have relaxed, I have kept active without being paranoid about gaining too much weight and guess what? I am in the bottom end of what is average for pregnant women to gain.
I know it's not the case with everyone but I am just so thankful that I have enjoyed seeing my body grow and change and figure out a new "healthy" and a new "strong" determined by what my body is going through not determined by half naked "motivational" (more like de-motivational) posters of chicks I will probably never look like nor do I strive to be like because I am learning success is the best version of ME I can be and no one else.
Woah. Run-on-sentence-rant.
Anyhow today I did Tiffany Rothe's three Pretty Positive Pregnancy videos on  youtube, one for warm up and the other two for strength and muscle tone in upper and lower body. You can find them in my archives :)

Total Time: 35ish minutes
HR: 140 for the warm up and 120-130 for the last two
Sweat'o'Metre: actually yes I felt some face sweat dripping off my hair, not too crazy but definitely got things moving!
Burn'o'Metre: I don't think my shoulders will ever get used to her "just hold them up a little longer" lol and felt it in the buns too!
Here's the bump at 35 weeks pregnant
That's 8months+3wks

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