Thursday, April 17, 2014


Still pluggin away just not typing it out much lately. Just thought I'd do a post so no one thinks I've decided to take up potato-couching or anything. Just nothing super exciting in the workout regime that's all.

Warm up: Today like most mornings I do about 10 minutes of stretching and core focused exercises called MuTu ( that focuses on Mom's post baby though the first 2 phases are safe for pregnancy.

I did a 20 minute walk outside that was lovely (a bit windy/chilly) but great to get some sunshine on this face
Then I did Tiffany Rothe's Pretty Positive Pregnancy body sculpt workout video, just once through.
Total Time: not including the warm up since I did that some what separately from my workout about 30 minutes total
HR: guessing around 120 or 130, kinda forgot to take it but it wasn't a big heart pumper today
Sweat'o'Metre: got warm during my walk so that was great, nothing too sweaty though
Burn'o'Metre: oh gosh this one always kills my shoulders and biceps and for some reason my butt at the beginning during those semi-lunge holds.
here I am at 36.5 weeks preggers (that's
9 months-ish, 3.5 weeks to go!)

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