Friday, July 18, 2014

What I did: Youtube to the rescue for this post baby bod

I have been managing to keep up about 3 workouts a week however I won't likely be posting them all due to either repetition or I'm just too busy hanging out with my little man.
It sure feels good to feel the burn again!
I found some post baby workouts through pinterest (yay pinning) and particularly liked the variety I found through this blog. I did the Tues/Thursday workout minus the cardio blast.

Warm up: 25 minute walk
Workout: The last three videos seen here; (though for the last one I only did 3 sets 1. because it was freakin hard and 2. I had to rescue my baby from being tricked into sleeping...haha)
Total Time: 26min + 25 min walk approx 50 min
HR: eh didn't bother
Sweat'o'Metre: dripping after video 1!!!
Burn'o'Metre: def in the arms in video 2 and abs in video 3

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