Thursday, May 1, 2014

What I did: More Dancing

Today I was going to take it easy...then I put on my dance playlist as I washed dishes and couldn't help but start to shake it so I figured why not do one of my favorite refit playlists since I was in such a dancy mood. Also I seemed to have the energy today! I'm 1.5 weeks away from my due date can't wait to meet this little baby squirming around inside! I hope they have enjoyed the "trip" through my workouts!

Warm up: I did some light stretches before starting the video which included a warm up video (Welcome to Miami)

Workout: Refit's Playlist workout #2, I skipped the two Christmas ones...wasn't feeling like  bringing on the snow just yet even if they were hip wiggling hot salsa ones.
The video that had me smiling today and most days was this one (ahem...I may or may not have just had a piece of chocolate bunny before my workout...)
Total Time: 37 min
HR: 160ish
Sweat'o'Metre: oh boy I put a bit more bounce in it today and had some light trickles from the bangs (dang it I just washed and styled my hair too haha)
Burn'o'Metre: felt it in the calves during "Do you love me" and in the butt for some of the squat moves in the other videos
sorry bout the grainy quality pic today
I'm almost there!!!

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