Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I Did: Or rather what WE did!

Date night is Thursdays for my husband and I and with the arrival of warm weather and extended hours of sunshine we took to our bikes (it's one of the few physical activities we can agree upon!) so we take advantage of it and this is what we did tonight;

Warm up: A nice leisurely bike to the lake, about 7 min
WORKOUT: So we did a few intervals of 1 min go hard or go home but it's hard on a pathway with people and animals but for the most part we were able to do the minute without interruption. Then halfway through our ride we stopped for some bench hops, 1 leg squats back extensions, sit ups, calf ups and 10 rounds of stair running.
Total Time: 1 hr 8 min
HR: during the hardest (stairs) 170-180 but I'm guessing more in the 130-140 (MAX) for the rest of it
Sweat'o'Metre: after the stairs I was dripping but I had a good sweat the entire time
Burn'o'Metre: meh, not so much burning except on the 1 leg squats
awww :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Did: Quick but Not Easy

Wednesdays are long days for me. Have I said that before? I babysit all day then right after I usually have 2 clients for personal training so I don't really feel like working out when I get home and the likely hood of me getting up at 6 to workout is slim...possible but not likely.
However because I have in the back of my head the party foods I ate last night (and this morning...and for lunch...hey there were lots of left overs!) I knew today was not a day to slack off.
So I did a quick mega sweat ball cardio killer.
Try it. Please, just do it and tell me how much it burned haha I am a sweaty mess right now, in fact my computer might short circuit cause even my hands are sweating all over the place...
Total Time: I was warm from my sessions so just the video at approx 19 minutes
HR: 160-170 (I was surprised totally thought it'd be higher)
Sweat'o'Metre: seriously I'm pretty sure this takes the cake, sweatiest YET!
Burn'o'Metre: oh yeah butt burner for shizzle (can I say that?)
taste that? That's the taste of a good healthy sweat. Do it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Did: Pilates Pulverizer

Apparently I'm not so great on Mondays. This whole "lets do nothing and relax" idea my husband has on our day off goes a bit too far. I mean what's one itty bitty workout in the middle of a bunch of "nothing"? Alas I still haven't been able to find the motivation lately.
So it's Tuesday and I posted here about Pilates and my sister has been raving about it, and even though I tried it ages ago (and quit cause made me feel out of shape and completely un-graceful) I gave it another shot.  I did two of Cassey Ho's videos on youtube, then because I was barely glowing went back to "old faithful" Fitness Blenders for a quick sweat & heart pump.
Pilates total body tone for beginners
Express Cardio Blaster
Total Time: give or take (due to instruction time) 32 minutes for all three videos
HR: 180 after the cardio one, didn't bother with the first two
Sweat'o'Metre: just a glow for the Pilates videos but a steady stream down the face for 10 min of cardio blasting!
Burn'o'Metre: WOW. Those Pilates videos still make me feel like a blob! But I think I'll try and do one or two a week because clearly...I need to work on that! Also the cardio blaster gave a good burn too!
I was going to make a nice face and thought forget it, no
point in faking it! ha!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

What I Did:1000 calorie workout...really?

I'm always skeptical when it comes to "workouts by calories" like how do you know you're really burning that much? Do you weight yourself in calories before and after? I dunno. Anyhow they do have a calorie burner that shows potention of 500/600-1000ish calories depending on all the applicable factors I guess (age, sex, effort, weight, male, female etc) so at least that's more legit.
So I had time today, and am 1 workout short this week (like many weeks past) but I'm going to a bachelorette tonight with lots of yummy food so I thought today would be a good day to try an extra long workout.
Warm up & Workout in the video below :) enjoy.
Total Time: 1 hour 28 min..told you it was extra long
HR: after the cardio it was at 170-180, after weights it was closer to 140ish
Sweat'o'Metre: I'm dry now, mostly...but pretty sweaty after the cardio section
Burn'o'Metre: yep, lots of creative exercises...the last hamstring one (leg raise and'll know it when you try it) oh gosh I was twitching after almost gave myself a charlie horse.
I'm on the glad it's over. I hate long workouts...

Friday, May 24, 2013

What I Did: Another Late Night

Late nights mean tired days. Tired days mean I don't like to workout. But I did anyways.
Calves sore from my workout yesterday, all that jumping around. So I did a barre workout (or two) from Fitness Blender that burned my butt, literally.

Warm up: Didn't intend to but the first video was a good warm up to the second.
Total Time: approx 30 min
HR: 130's 
Sweat'o'Metre: barely a glow but I needed it today
Burn'o'Metre: call the fire department my butt and hamstrings are on fire!!! See just cause you don't sweat doesn't mean it doesn't burn (and vise versa)
No photo today, not much to show, no sweat, I'm inside and you all know what my living room looks like now :P Though I wish I had a ballet pic of myself when I was little and chubby and cute, that'd be funny.
This will have to suffice (no I'm not saying I was hippo I just loved this sequence in Fantasia)
Though sometimes when I do barre workouts I feel like this haha!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I Did: Cardio Crazy

I found a short cardio circuit workout I made for a client of mine recently and thought, what the heck I should do it too right? So here goes

Warm up: I did the first round of this at a moderate pace to warm up...heh kinda cheating but whatevs. It's my workout.

WORKOUT: 20 Seconds on 10 Seconds rest 4/5x
Star Jacks (I did regular jumping jacks for the first round of warm up)
Mountain Climbers
Squat & Punch (jab/cross)
Ski Hops
High Knees
Skipping/Double Unders
Squat Jumps
Lunge & Twist (first round I did a sumo squat, it wasn't working with the twist..and I was bored of squats)
180 Squat Jumps
Rest 1 min (and 10 seconds cause I like starting on the minute)

Total Time: 22:20
HR: 180
Sweat'o'Metre: I had a feeling this would be sweaty. Niagara falls all over baby!
Burn'o'Metre: Lung burner, and was feeling it in the legs by the end of each round
This was how I felt before I worked out, accompanied by a
Chewbacca roar
This is me after, no seriously I felt much better after
working out. *Happy Sweat* :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Did: Half a Workout Full Sweat

I felt like it would rain this afternoon (and by felt I mean I looked it up on the weather network and it said it would rain) so I guiltily took my workout outdoors this morning. I copied it down from a video workout I found from Fitness Blender called HIIT Workout for Endurance and Strength - Intense Home Cardio Workout

Warm up: 2:30 min of up tempo jogging (around a soccer field), 1 min walking knee hugs, 1 min leg swings (lateral), 1 min arm swings with some clap jacks

WORKOUT: You're supposed to do this whole circuit 2ce but I only had time for 1 round..., good 'nuff
- 20 seconds of work 10 sec rest in between each exercise unless stated otherwise;
(do first 3 exercises 2ce around)
Lateral high hops
Push up Jacks
Jump lunges
45 sec rest then repeat the above one more time
(do next 3 exercises 2ce around)
Plyo-push ups (gah so hard, ended up on my knees)
Turkish Getups (one side only, on 2nd round switch to other side)
1 Leg lateral hops (switch to other side on 2nd round)
45 second rest then repeat one more time (for 2 rounds total)
Medicine Ball jack knife (I had a flat weight so I couldn't pass it to my feet)
Windshield Wipers
Superman back extensions
45 second rest
(do next 3 exercises 2ce through)
180 squat jumps
Side push ups
Hanging Leg lifts
45 second rest repeat for 2 rounds total
- Then I ran around the soccer field for 2:30 min
Total Time: 26 minutes including warm up
HR: 190!!!
Sweat'o'Metre: oh yes, I was thankful for the cool cloudy weather otherwise I would have probably sweat as much as I drank!
Burn'o'Metre: some exercises more than other, I think next time I want to do the whole thing really feel the burn.
This is me squinting because I have sweated so much there
is sunscreen in my eye

And this is how I really felt. I couldn't just pick one uber
attractive picture of myself haha! :P jokes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What I Did: Workout at Work!

Okay so I'm not actually working, I just did my workout at my workplace (since I have my own workout room as a personal trainer it helps!).
I decided to try this workout I pinned from and unfortunately I don't have my camera cause BOY am I sweaty and exhausted!
Here's the infographic

Warm up: I did 1 minute of the following;
High knees on the spot jog
Jumping jacks
Butt kick jog on the spot
Lateral ski hops

WORKOUT: see the infographic

Time: including workout 37 minutes
HR: DOH! yeah I need to make sure I do that though I'm sure it was at least 160
Sweat'o'Metre: dripping, like all over the place! Good thing I have a mat or the floor would require a "caution wet floor" sign!
Burn'o'Metre: wow all these exercises (well most of them) burned at one point or another! Although I'm proud to say those jump lunges are getting easier! Woo progress!
Haha look at me I'm so lonely...Just kiddin!!! Just cause I
hate not posting a pic, and I thought this one was kinda
cool...though now I feel so un-cool...meh. whatevs.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What I Did: Lovely Start to a Long Weekend

I am starting to realize I have a few "go to" workouts for certain parts of the body.  When my upper body is sore/stiff (like today) I tend to focus on legs and core (cause I never seem to be able to exhaust the core) and for that I have this workout which is tougher on the lower body than the core;
Warm up: I did the crossfit warm up without the chin ups, having some back pain today
3 rounds of
10 squats
10 sec samson stretch
10 hanging sit ups
10 back extensions
10 push ups
7 min

WORKOUT: 2 rounds for time of
35 squats
35 knees to elbows (the plank version)
35 squats
35 sit ups
35 lunges
35 squats
13:25 min

Then for kicks and giggles I did some "burn out" suicides on the field for about 5 minutes and stretches (about 14 min total)
Total Time: 25 min workout/warm up with 9 min stretching
HR: after the workout 180, after the suicides 190-200
Sweat'o'Metre: kinda but not really, no dripping today!
Burn'o'Metre: yep this one burned the legs that's for sure! Especially felt it while trying to "run" the suicides!
so much nicer to workout outside!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I Did: Bug Run

I just did a 30 min jog this morning.  First morning workout outside in a while. The temperature was perfect! Although I'm not sure I'll go for a run again at that time, I am sure I still have bugs in my hair from those swarms, yech.  Not to mention almost going blind and having to pick my teeth out...ok ok I'm exaggerating but it was still na na na naaaasty.

Warm up: I did my 15 min morning stretch routing, not really a part of this workout though but I thought I'd mention it. This is the video I do;
WORKOUT: Nothing crazy, just ran for 30 min
Time: 30 min
HR: 180-190 (sooo apparently my cardio has gone down a wee bit heh
Sweat'o'Metre: surprisingly fairly sweaty...makes me dread the summer months coming
Burn'o'Metre: had some knee pain at the end, definitely feeling fatigued more so than usual on an easy run...possibly because I did it on an empty stomach...duh.
No stunning photo of my sweatiness today, was in a rush to get to work...but here's a lovely one from the area I like to jog in.
this was a couple summers ago at sunset. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What I Did: Super Down Scaled Crossfit

I like crossfit...but there are just some (most) workouts I look at and think I will either be there for 2 hours trying to finish or I can't even do some of the exercises to start. SO because I like their type of workouts I just modify them to "realistic" for myself. Here's a super modified version of their "Angie"
Warm up: Crossfit warm up
WORKOUT: (supposed to be 20 rounds but ya, I'm just gonna start with 10!)
10 rounds of';
5 chin ups
5 push ups
5 sit ups
5 squats
10 burpees

Total Time: warm up = 8:20 + workout 19:10 = 27:30
HR: 170
Sweat'o'Metre: everytime I jumped up for those chin ups sweat would pour down my face, so yeah even on a cool day this is a sweaty one
Burn'o'Metre: burpees...who doesn't love 'em? oh oh me me! no love. but they do the job and bring the burn!
see the sweat? it's right above my right eyebrow!

Monday, May 13, 2013

What I Did: Lower Body, Abs and Swarms of Gnats

Totally dragged myself out today. I had a 2.5 hour nap yesterday, went to bed early, slept in AND had a nap. I think I just slept away my cold yippeeee!!! Needless to say I felt sluggish today. I wrote up a fairly easy workout for myself, though it's still a good one short it may be.

Warm up: 3 rounds 10 reps each
Samson stretch 10 sec each leg
Sit ups
Back extensions

WORKOUT: 2 rounds of
2 min skipping
40 squats
40 knees to elbows
2 min skipping
30 jump lunges
35 sit ups

Total Time: 5 min warm up + 17:30 min workout = 22:30 min
HR: 150-160
Sweat'o'Metre: Not so much, it was cool and windy out too so who knows, on a hot sunny day maybe this would be sweatier
Burn'o'Metre: the squats and jump lunges burned the most.  I could definitely amp up this workout but it's a good one for a groggy day just to do something
Oh also I would have finished at 17:15min but a massive swarm of those baby mosquitoes or gnats or whatever they are swarmed me as I was doing my sit ups it was NAASTY so I whipped my towel at them for a few seconds then finished my sit ups...I hate bugs.
Me and my groggy self

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What I Did: 10 min x 2

I feel a cold coming on. What is with this? I feel like I'm always sick, which is weird, I get enough sleep, exercise and eat pretty well (aside from the Gummy Bear party I'm going to tonight hehe!).  So not sure why I have a sore throat now. Weak immune system? Boo, hope not.
Here's what I did.
WORKOUT: This video is 10 min and mixes cardio with upper body strengthening. I did it twice (changed some exercises like the downward dog jacks to mountain climbers and the pike push ups to V sit ups because I just did too much upper body yesterday.
Total Time: 20 min...didn't warm up since I was warm from training today
HR: 150-160
Sweat'o'Metre: not sure why during the workout I don't seem to sweat too much, then as soon as I stop to take the photo it pours off my face. Oh well, it counts!
Burn'o'Metre: Not too hard today. Didn't feel the burn other than in the triceps because of recovering from yesterday. But it was a good one for almost not working out due to feeling tired from this cold onset :P

Friday, May 10, 2013

What I Did: Slow Down with Some Strength Trg

I tend to do higher intensity workouts, plyometrics, explosive jumping around type workouts. But sometimes it's nice to slow down and focus. I'm still sweating so slow doesn't mean easy! Did this video today (rainy days are a valid excuse for videos...though I tend to use them...a lot.)
No warm up included so I did this to warm up
Warm up: 5 min
1 min high knees jog on spot (slow pace)
1 min skaters
1 min jumping jacks
1 min torso rotations with hamstring stretch

Total Time: including warm up approx 28 min
HR: 140ish possibly 150 max
Sweat'o'Metre: again, I'm surprised. I don't usually sweat with slow strength training but this one still got a few off the face 
Burn'o'Metre: when the people in the video are taking "shake" breaks and falling on their faces you know it's going to burn :)
One of my fav exercises...the Russion Twist. Must be the
Ruski in me ;)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I Did: Cloudy Day Workout

It was nice outside for a workout. A little cloud cover and a slight sprinkle of rain = perfect workout weather!
I went to the park and did this;
Warm up: Crossfit warm up x2
10 squats
10 sec samson stretch
10 chin ups
10 dips
10 hanging sit ups
10 back extensions

2 rounds of 2 minutes each
push ups
sit ups
double unders

Total Time: 30 min (give or take a couple with walking to and from the park)
HR: 180 WOO didn't see that coming!
Sweat'o'Metre: yep even after I got home and AFTER the shower..still sweatin!
Burn'o'Metre: found myself most out of breath with the double unders and those push ups always burn!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Did: Late Nighter

It's going to be a late night tonight since I just finished my workout (at 9:20pm) which means yeah...maybe LOTR trilogy marathon or something.
Anyhow I wasn't expecting a mega workout from this video but I should have known better. Again I know I'm using videos cause I've been too lazy to write up my own/go outside but a sweat on is a sweat on!
Total Time: 30 min (no cool down included so I'm sitting here "stretching" my hamstrings while I type
HR: 160
Sweat'o'Metre: it's dripping off the ends of my hair. that's a good one people!
Burn'o'Metre: definitely had to self encourage myself not to give up on some of them, YOU CAN DO THIS
if I look pleased with myself I am. I made a super yummy-
healthy dinner, and despite not wanting to had a killer workout!
I am happy :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

What I Did: Close Call to Nothing At All

Mondays. Oh Mondays. My husband and I have Mondays off so it's hard to get anything done. It's like part of our weekend (since we both work Saturdays)'s 6:30pm and I managed to get myself to do a little sweating.  We spent a nice day outside at Edwards Gardens. So nice. So I didn't feel bad for doing my workout inside even though it's still nice out.
Warm up: ummm sweating in the sun all day? No doesn't count I know, I'm  horrible at warming up if it's not included...
WORKOUT: yay videos for when you're super lazy...they kick your butt anyways! I put 2 short ones together so I could convince myself to do something.

Total Time: 20 minutes + 5 min stretching
HR: 145 (ish)
Sweat'o'Metre: I sweat, but it's already dried on my face, so not too much but I got a couple drips off the nose
Burn'o'Metre: not so much burn, though I got a stitch in my side from all the twisting
Almost not worth taking a photo...doesn't look like I worked
out. Ah well. Also all the bulbs in my basement are burning
out, looks like I'm in a cave.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What I Did: Running!

Today was just a run with some sprints.

Warm up: Leg swings and arm swings
WORKOUT: Run approx 13 min, 5 min of sprinting up hill, walk down, run 14 more minutes
Cool down stretches

Total Time: 35 min
HR: 175
Sweat'o'Metre: those sprints really amped up the sweat
Burn'o'Metre: I won't lie, I don't run a lot so the run back was tedious but not really a burn. If you don't run, this will burn. If you like running it'll just be a nice workout

No photo today just enjoyed the sun and cool breeze :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

What I Did: Run Squat Jump Push

Today's workout looked easier on paper.

Warm up: 1-2 min jog to the park, 20 extended leg swings each leg, 20 bent knee leg swings each leg, 20 toe bounces, arm circles

3 Rounds of...
800m run + 25 squats
5 Rounds of...
10 two foot jumps (for distance) + 10 push ups

(Cool down stretches 5 min)

Total Time: 28:33
HR: 170
Sweat'o'Metre: Did this outside (obviously, I do not have 800m inside my house to run) the sun was shining, it was 3pm so during spring this is probably the nicest time to workout (but won't be during summer).
Burn'o'Metre: this was a cardio burn for sure! My heart was pumping!
awkward smile.
Took the photo inside. Didn't want to leave my camera un-
attended during my sprints.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I Did: AMRAP Circuit

AMRAP means As Many Reps As Possible.  Which usually also means "ah crap I'm gonna die!" haha jk...

Warm up: 10 x 2 rounds of
10 sec Samson stretch
10 chin ups
10 bench dips
10 sit ups
10 back ext
10 squats

WORKOUT: AMRAP in 45 sec of the following, doing the whole circuit 2x
Inch worm push up
Air squat
Push up with rotation
Split jump lunge
Mountain climber
Hanging row
Scissor kicks

Total Time: 25 (ish) with warm up
Sweat'o'Metre: When your glasses start filling up with sweat so much you feel like you're underwater and the sweat starts dripping into your ears from your headphones yech...ya that's a lot of sweat
Burn'o'Metre: this was a good whole body burn for all aspects, muscular and cardiovascular
this photo does not capture just how much I was sweating.
I have since cooled down, stretched and walked home and
I am still sweating!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Did: Hump Day Hell

After 2 days of fever and chills I finally felt up for a workout...just not this one. It's called Hump Day Hell. Hell is in there for a reason. Oh gosh. So maybe if you're just recovering or not feeling 100% attempt this with extreme caution! It's all about effort.
Warm up: 100 jumping jacks, 10 leg swings each leg, 10 forward and back arm swings each, 25 clap jacks

WORKOUT: Set a timer for 20 minutes. Do the following in order, once you've completed the circuit break for 2 minutes (yes you will need this) and repeat. The idea is to see how many rounds you can get in in 20 minutes (including the 2 min breaks). I managed 2 with room for a 2 min break at the end. Now I'm a sweaty haggard mess.
15 push ups
100 high knees (on spot running)
15 180 squats
20 burpees
15 plank climbs
100 high knees
15 jump lunges (left, right = 1)

Total time: 23(ish) minutes with warm up
HR: 180-190
Sweat'o'Metre: oh yes. "Hell" yes.
Burn'o'Metre: definitely a lung/heart burner aka a cardio kick in the butt!
I took this immediately after so you could see my real
expression as to how I felt. My lucky charms towel is not so
lucky with the amount of sweat pouring off me! Nasty.